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more freedom

While scores of people are still protesting the war, this is what's going on in Iraq:

"No more Saddam Hussein," chanted one group, waving to troops as they passed. "We love you, we love you."

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Hundreds of jubilant Iraqis mobbed a convoy of U.S. Marines on Wednesday, cheering, dancing and waving as American troops swept toward central Baghdad through slums and leafy suburbs from the east.

Crowds threw flowers at the Marines as they drove past the Martyrs' Monument, just three km (two miles) east of the central Jumhuriya Bridge over the Tigris river.

Hundreds of Baghdadis cheered US troops rolling through a district of northern Baghdad, applauding and chanting "Good, Good, Bush!", an AFP journalist said.

[i]n the Baghdad suburb of Saddam City, residents took to the streets to celebrate the apparent end of the Iraqi regime. A Shiite Muslim leader told a group of 400 to 500 people, "The tyrant of the world is finished, thanks to the coalition. Thank God for Iraq the victorious."

Sky News just showed raw uncut footage of an older man with glasses overwhelmed with joy in front of a government building in Baghdad. He was holding a banner of Saddam's face that had been ripped down and was beating the picture of Saddam in his face with his shoe.

Sky had Iraqi analyst Hamid Ali Alikfay in the studio and he did free translation of what this man was yelling.

"Saddam has killed millions of us....this is the day we have been waiting for. We are Iraqis, but we are with the United States. We are Americans."

While massive protests are still being planned, coalition members are getting tours of Saddam's prison system:

"They used to strap a leather cord around our head, hands and shoulders and hoist us two feet off the ground. Then they would beat us as we hung there," Hamed said.

"They did unthinkable things -- electrocution, immersion in a bath of chemicals and ripping off people's finger and toenails.

So before you head out to protest this "unjust" war, turn on your tv and see what's going on. Watch the people celebrating. Watch families being reunited. Watch as the citizens of Iraq feel free enough to dance in the streets and tear down pictures of Saddam.

Do you think they want to thank you?


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Good points all, Michele. Still, go look at this over at Clueless:


eh. fuck 'em. in a few weeks, the idiots will have moved on to spewing their tripe for some other ridiculous cause, but the iraqi people will still be free.

[Experts with newscaster on CNN 24th March.

[In the Studio] 3 American experts including a former 2-star general, 1 ex SAS (British) and
the network's anchor.

[VIDEO] Footage of iraqis giving themselves up.

anchor: We have no verification as of yet if they are British or American troops taking these POW's

yank1: Only Americans wear boots like that, they're American

yank 2: I agree, and they appear to have American camouflage jackets.

yank 3 (General): I'm not so sure, there's not enough up-close detail to tell 100%, we'd need some close images to tell make of boots and jackets and maybe the shape of their kevlar headgear.

Ex British SAS man: Call yourselves experts? Since when did US forces use an SA80 as a standard issue rifle? Their DPM's can be bought as can boots so you're chasing rainbows if you want to identify them from their clothes.

anchor: I think you're right.

Ex SAS man: Course I'm bloody right. Any one with half a brain and basic military training worth their salt should be able to identify a British soldier by his rifle. Not to mention the fact they're covering all points properly, not shouting "woo yeah" randomly, and haven't raised a flag in direct Contravention with orders.

At this point 1 of the yanks walks off stage tearing his mic off,

and the anchor says "I think we can safely say the soldiers on your screen are British. Now for these messages".]

but ... but ... the protests aren't about the war ... they're all about meeeeeeeeeee!

I thinked BKW summed it up perfectly.

Please allow me some coments. First: I'm happy the worst seems to be over now. Second: I know how hard the americans needed such news and needed to see these happy people because that was what they said they are it doing for. Third: I'd have preferred to see the old Iraqi flag instead of the stars and stripes, but I guess one can't expect so much.... feeling for symbols from an american soldier who fought there.

I echo tanya's sentiments. Couldn't have said it any better than she did...'specially the "eh--fuck 'em" comment.

Splendidly put.

Reminds me of an old CSN&Y song: Find the Cost of Freedom
Find the cost of freedom, buried in the ground,
Mother Earth will swallow you,
Lay your body down.

All the American and Brit soldiers, all the journalists, and all the innocent Iraqi citizens that died are the cost of freedom.

I tried to leave an appropriately disdainful comment at that Indymedia link (the first one above), but it never was put up. Think it's a vast left-wing conspiracy to crush my dissent? Hmmm...

No question who's on the right side on this one. I was reading through their headlines over at Indymedia, trying to figure out who, aside from the occassional paranoid schizophrenic, would believe have the crap they post (like doubt that Iraqis are really celebrating their freedom). Huh? Are these guys even on the same planet? Obviously not.

Anyway, I'm overjoyed for the Iraqis. The coalition has handled this with such wisdom and...there's no other word for it...*class*. Makes me so proud.