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nobody's innocent here

There's an awful lot being said about the Oakland protests today, where some of the protesters were shot with wooden bullets.

A lot of what's being said runs along the lines of:

They were just minding their own business!

Isn't dissent allowed in America?

This is a police state!

Thing is, these weren't simple peace activists holding up benign signs begging Bush to stop the war. They weren't even the ANSWER folks trying to equate Bush with Hitler.

Demonstrators were seeking to block access to American President Lines, a shipping company they claimed was profiting from the war in Iraq when said they used the pellets and bullets to disperse about 750 protesters.

I'm not saying that the police tactics used were the best way - or the right way -to go. I'm just saying what Glenn Reynolds said:

I won't weigh in on the crowd-control strategy -- I'll just note that people who set out to block shipments of war materiel to soldiers in wartime could easily be prosecuted for treason. This wasn't simple civil disobedience.

UPDATE: Thanks to Mary, who pointed that not only did some of the protesters throw rocks and iron bolts at the police, but "[n]inety-five percent of what’s shipped out of Oakland (to Iraq) is food which is going to help Iraqi citizens."

For some reason, MSNBC took that article down. But I do have a screenshot so no one on the side of the rock-throwing protesters can deny that it ever existed, in true Iraqi Information Minister fasion.

click for larger


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Sometimes you have to wonder, really wonder, if the collective gene pool of the anti-war protestors is made up entirely of Mountain Dew and goat milk, with a few withered chromosomes thrown in for good measure.

Here’s San Francisco Indymedia’s account of the rubber bullet incident at Oakland, titled Pigs open fire on protesters.

According to MSNBC, some of the protesters threw rocks and big iron bolts at officers...

The original article mentioned the fact that ninety-five percent of the cargo being shipped from that port was food for Iraqis. But that original article has disappeared from the MSNBC site. The new article doesn’t mention that these ‘activists’ may have stopped food from being shipped to Iraq.

The original article is cached in google.

Once again I find myself amazed at the egocentricity of the anti-war movement. This wasn't simple dissent, any intentional interference with the war effort is a treasonable act. I'm sure these little bastards are completely clueless that they've crossed a serious fucking line - good thing the Oakland PD was there to give them a wake up call.

Yep, the gene pool out there on the left coast appears to be getting a little foul, time to shock the system with chlorine and clean things up.

The screenshot is a great idea. It's strange that the other article disappeared. MSNBC usually has reliable links. ..

Disgusting. I heard one of the organizers on Sean Hannity this afternoon and I was practically yelling at the radio.

Having worked in the transportation for the last 10 years, it should be pointed out to the protesting pinheads that FEDERAL LAW requires the use of an American flag vessel when transporting goods going to the United States or destined for US facilities overseas.

Shit, when you have Willie Brown of all people criticizing your actions, imagine what mainstream America thinks.

Actively attempting to block shipments of materiel to your country's soldiers in wartime is TREASON. You can dismiss everything else as street theater, and even the "shoot their officers" banner might be seen to be dancing on the edge of sedition without quite crossing it.

But this is over the line.

A few weeks ago, a couple of the louder loudmouths were bragging about plans to infiltrate and vandalize U.S. military bases, until the word was given that they would be shot on sight in such an attempt.

The plan sort of...fizzled.

When do you cross the line from Constitutionally-protected protester into "illegal combatant?" Right about here.

For a deeper look (from recent history,) Google on what happened to the Coal Miners Unions when they decided to pull a strike at the beginning of the Second World War. FDR could be a real bastard when it was necessary.

100% in favor of charging these morons with treason. As to "infiltrating" and "vandalizing" a military base.... my husband is in the regional security at our base. They have enough on their plates without having to deal with stupidity such as that. That issue aside, if other bases have as tight security as ours, let the fools try. They'll discover real bullets hurt a hell of a lot worse than wooden.
Grrr... can you tell it just sets my blood a-boil?

I was yelling right along with Kate at the stupid ass**** on the radio today. These idiots have crossed the line and this is treason. Thsi country is fighting a war against terror and Iraq is the first stop. (probably). I suggest we arrest these folks and send them, with compliments, to Saddam as shields. This isn't playtime....our troops are fighting a for real war for democracy and freedom for a country that deserves to have a chance.

Baghdad Bob says: "Public opinion across the entire nation of United States has become so much in favor of the Iraqi regime and this false war that citizens are blockading ports known to be sending weapons of mass consumption to the region. We believe that this fifth column movement within the United States itself will bring ultimate victory to Iraq! Vive Iraq! Avanti!"

Course you can bet that Baghdad Bob doesn't have any lack of food to worry about...

The article is still on MSNBC, go to the news front page. Dig a little, not everything fits on the cover, ya know.

Interestingly, the SF Chronicle states today that 76% of Californians and 63% of Bay Area residents support the US military action in Iraq to remove Hussein from power. I'm sure no one on the right coast would ever believe that. But if you live here, you know most people support what's going on - loudly vocal minority or not.

It's all the opportunistic fringe element... frantically taking their moment in the sun for their cause du jour.

And it's tying up my traffic...

C'mon, the "protesters" are nothing but next-gen, baby-boomers embracing the self-important infection suffered by their parents. They're not thinkers by any stretch!

"Thsi country is fighting a war against terror and Iraq is the first stop. (probably) ...This isn't playtime....our troops are fighting a for real war for democracy and freedom for a country that deserves to have a chance."
Yeah, welcome to Planet America, Jack-ass.

We're fighting a war for the freedom to protect our interests, and a war to install a puppet regime more pliable to those interests as a first stop on a Blitzkreig through the entire region. In our rush to stomp out dictators in the middle east, whom may I ask are 'we' going to replace them with?
"Yo Iraqi people we gots split. I think Syria's looking at us funny so we're going to go punch it in the face with a bunkerbuster bomb. So long, thanks for all the memories, here have a heaping plate of civil war followed by rampant some opportunism maybe a few warlords thrown in for good measure. TTFN BFF."
Ok look, I'm not a rabid a liberal I hate Saddam Hussein I'm glad to see him go and the world is a better place with him stone dead.I can only pray we make good on our promises to the Iraqi people (I'm praying but I am not holding my breath).
But doesn't anyone see this is as a slippery slope? Do you blindly beleive that this is a 'war for freedom' and nothing else? Can you not see ANY historical parallels between us and other agressor nations in the past century?
Do you believe that we have the right to interfere with any and all nations with whom we perceive a problem? Regardless of the precedent it sets? Isn't blindly placing faith in our neocons vision as reductive as calling this conflict a war for oil?
I'm just asking y'all.
Oh and as for any Trustafarian caught interfering with a U.S. Military action already in progress needs to put down his Chai Tea and his copy of the Utne Reader and look up sedition in the goddamned dictionary. They're lucky it was wooden bullets. I heard a rubber bullet in the face is enough to make someone wish it had been a real one.

hey li'l johnny locke-

the difference between america and any other 'aggressor nation' is the fact that we don't start the mess, we clean it up and then GO HOME when we are done...

This is simply not true. We had a hand in starting this mess and we exacerbated it to the point where we felt we had the right to go in and 'clean it up'.
Saddam Hussein was given the Keys to the city of Detroit in 1982 he was our ally against Iran, we supplied him with a signifigant amount of war material during this time (although not as much as some on the far left would like to believe) We helped him tighten his choke hold on his people and then villified him for it and then fought two wars against him.
Ask the fillipinos how quickly we 'go home' ask the timorese, ask the cambodians the panamanians,
shit ask the Hawaiins oh wait...they're the 51st state.

Ain't nobody wearing a white hat up in this piece.

As for parallels, look up the fire in the reichstag building In Germany in 1933, how the german people were manipulated in the aftermath, who was blamed and what it led to and you tell me that it shares no resemblance to the course of events that have transpired over the course of the last two years.
No I am not Comparing Dubya with Hitler but why don't you try comparing and contrasting the "Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of the People and State" with Patriot acts I and II?

"those who do not remember history blah blah blah"...