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caught on tape

I'm watching the CBS Baghad webcam. There's a reporter who has no idea the cam is on and he's rehearsing and primping and preening.

He's obviously aggravated with himself. This is better than World's Best Bloopers.

Hah! He just finished up his rehearsal and said "How was my hair?"

UPDATE: It was Richard Engle of ABC, caught on the CBS Baghdad cam. Priceless.


Reporters always know what is important. That is why we believe everything they say.

Richard Engle is a POS...

Sorry, just had to say that :-)

"Would you PLEASE tell that Marine to stop shooting!? Just for a Moment??!!! I got to get my hair in place!! I'm not gonna get a Pulitzer unless I get my hair in place!!!!!"

Coverage of this war is being brought to you by Dumb and Dumber!

We always love watching that stuff on the satelites at work. Watching the "big boys" primping and preening is just so much fun!

(primps, preens...more primping)

Ahem...I'm ready for my comment, Mr Demille!

The left hates the right, the right hates the left, but EVERYBODY hates the media.

What is the link to this cam, please?