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Songs of spring

The snow and ice are coming down hard, the wind is blowing and I am trying with all my might to remember that today is April 7. It's Spring.

Despite the weather, it's time for my Spring Mix CD(s). You've done so well in helping me compile the soundtracks to the seasons of summer, fall and winter, how could I not call upon you again?

Spring songs: Not necessarily about spring, though those are good, but songs that make you feel like rolling down your car window and driving way too fast on the highway. Songs that give you that lift in your heart and a slight jump in your step. Songs that wake you up from your winter doldrums and make you want to rip off your winter layers.

Sunshine day, everbody's smiling...


Let's have it. Your favorite feel-good, so long to winter, hair blowing in the wind, run topless through the downtown streets kind of music.


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Oh, I need a mix like that! Must make a note to copy songs you get here.

That's easy.

'A Beautiful Morning' by The Rascals.

As much as I hate to admit this...

"Walking On Sunshine"
Katrina and the Waves.

I just can't help myself. I'm so ashamed.

"More Human Than Human" by White Zombie.

Mine was Walking on Sunshine too! But, I'm not ashamed to be a geek. Also, Radar Love (can't remember who sings it) and I Need A Lover (who wont drive me crazy) by John Mellencamp. I would say "Sin Wagon", by the Dixie Chicks, byt I'm boycotting them.

don't shoot me
but i am a 70's rock chick
once and always

so it's just about everything by led zeppelin
in odd to say mix wise but

just about everything

In light of all the snow you've gotten, how about a little "Rain" by the Beatles.

"Crystal Blue Persuasion" by Tommy James and the Shondells ;-)

In a Beatles vein, 'Good Day Sunshine' and 'Here Comes The Sun'.

"Spring" by Vivaldi and "Walking On The Sun" by Smash Mouth. Yes, I'm ecclectic!

Note to Mr. Meki. Your IP has been banned. You can no longer come here and leave your claptrap in my comments. It would be one thing if they were on topic,but they're not.

You sir, are an ass.

Anything Motown, California Dreamin' by Mama and Papas, Against the Wind by Bob Seger, Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet....I got more!!

Under the Boardwalk
Up on the Roof
and anything by the Beach Boys.
: - )

"Short Skirt/Long Jacket" and "Stick Shifts and Safety Belts" and "Comfort Eagle" by Cake
"Rudie Can't Fail" by the Clash
just about everything by Elvis Costello
"Jealous of your Cigarette" and "Bullets" by Hawksley Workman
"Bullet" and "Nothing" by Mason Jennings
"Stutter" and "Drop Dead Gorgeous" by Elastica
"This Charming Man" by the Smiths

...My idea of feel-good music's pretty odd.

This time of year, it's all about Boston play ing loudly over the car speakers with the windows down.

"Spring love" by stevie B!! love.that.song.

"Skylarking" by XTC - the whole album. Just exudes 'springness'

Brenda, good list! I love Hawksley Workman! I like listening to Sloan, Weezer, and Garbage in the spring.

China Grove -- The Doobies

And I know some people think Sammy Hagar sucked by 'Summer Nights' by Van Halen is another good one.

First Day of Spring - Gandharvas

"Battle of Who Could Care Less" - Ben Folds Five
"Sweet Home Alabama" - Lynard Skynard
"Don't Fear the Reaper" - Blue Oyster Cult
"Cruel Summer" - Ace of Base (haha, I just admitted I listen to Ace of Base. But it's catchy!)

Throw in some Van Halen, Goldfinger, and some hip-hop/rap, and you've got my perfect (and extremely random) good weather driving mix :)

"Strwberry Letter 22"

Beautiful Day

How about "Sunshine Superman" by Donovan

My Girlfriend's Dead by the Vandals
God is in the Radio by Queens of the Stone Age

Yeah, that's a good start.

What I Like About You - overplayed, overcommercialized, but still a great song.
MIrror Mirror - Def Lepperd
Rock & Roll Party in The Streets - Axe
Dixie Chicken - Little Feat
Sammy Hagar - I Can't Drive 55

And what's that song by Night Ranger?......(just kidding)

"Southland in the Springtime" by the Indigo Girls for a song about spring.

"Proud Mary" from Credence Clearwater Revival always makes me roll down the windows.

Maybe some Singing in the Rain?

"The One Thing" by INXS (is that allowed?)
"What I like about you" by the Romantics
"Margaritaville" by Jimmy Buffet
"Moondance" and "Into the Mystic" by Van Morrison
new summer song? Definitely "Come Away with Me" by Norah Jones..subtle but hot and sexy.

"Beautiful Things" by Emm Gryner

Casey, "Radar Love" was by Golden Earring. To paraphrase Van: Well it's a marvelous night for a Moontan....

She's Electric - Oasis
Tattva - Kula Shaker
It's Tricky - Run D.M.C.
Divine Thing - The Soup Dragons
Hallelujah - The Happy Mondays
Would? - Alice in Chains
Mountain Song - Jane's Addiction
Electric Sweat - The Mooney Suzuki
Little Green Bag - George Baker
Just - Radiohead
Laid - James
Hound Dog - Elvis
Going Underground - The Jam
I am the Resurrection - The Sone Roses
Coffee Song - Frank Sinatra
Easy - Faith No More (version)

If you like the heavy stuff:

For driving, at least: "Cowboys from Hell" by Pantera works -- dangerous for well-policed roadways, though. "Walk" is almost as effective (and is probably a better song overall).

Ozzy is usually a springtime choice of mine, "No More Tears" especially.

Primus: "Jerry Was a Race Car Driver," for obvious reasons.

Rush: "Spirit of Radio" is a good one for me. Lots of other ones to choose from, though.

I also second the vote for "More Human than Human."

I just made a Cd for an outdoor party.
Girl from Ipanema- sammy Davis
Happy- Judy Garland
mambo italiano- Rosemary Clooney
Frank Sinatra, Glen Miller, Ella Fitzgerald... ( some old war time songs too)
Then another one from SLC punk

joan jett - bad reputation
johnny rivers - mountain of love
londonbeat - i've been thinking about you
mott the hoople - all the young dudes
ray charles - what'd i say
ricky nelson - hello mary lou
rolling stones - sympathy for the devil
rufus w/ chaka khan - ain't nobody
sean paul - get busy
spencer davis group - gimme some lovin'
sublime - santeria
the doors - roadhouse blues
wilson pickett - land of 1000 dances
van halen - runnin' with the devil

anything by stp, liz phair, or the stone roses

Husker Du's "New Day Rising", followed by Sugar's "Copper Blue." Something about Bob Mould's wall of thrash that says 'spring' for me...

Although just got through hearing Everclear's "Heartspark Dollarsign" and had to push repeat. Ah, spring is great.

Lovely Day.....Bill Withers

Almost any song off of the Pavement "Crooked Rain" CD.
Almost any song off of the Dinosaur Jr. "Where You Been" CD.
Some tunes off of Buffalo Tom's "Big red letter day" CD.
And when it's a really really nice spring day, some LOUD PJ Harvey off of her "Rid of Me" CD.

Head On - The Jesus and Mary Chain
Speeding - The Go-Go's
American Girls and Hard Candy - Counting Crows
She Sells Sanctuary - The Cult
I Will Follow and Where the Streets Have No Name - U2
Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Tears for Fears
Annie Get Your Gun - Squeeze
It's the End of the World As We Know It - REM
Hella Good and Making Out - No Doubt
Caroline - Concrete Blonde

And the soundtrack to American Psycho (or at least the monologue excerpts...very surreal as you're speeding down the road with the windows open:
"There is an idea of a Patrick Bateman, some kind of abstraction, but there is no real me. Only an entity. Something illusory...I simply am not there.")

My back is recovering from digging out of 8 inches of heavy crappy snow.

Good news though!

It FUCKING RAINING ICE. I hate Global WARMING!!!!!!!!!!

My only consolation is that the Detroit Tigers suck so I don't care if they can play or not. Go Red Wings!

What is "winter"?

(I guess this isn't any way to make up for "You Light Up My Life," is it?)

There is but one song to sing when spring has arrived after a long cold lonely winter.

"Here Comes the Sun" by George Harrison

"Thunderstruck" AC/DC
"Rock n Roll Party in the Streets" Axe
"Twist & Shout" Beatles
"Livin' After Midnight" Judas Priest
"I Wanna Rock n Roll All Night" Kiss
"Dr. Feelgood" Motley Crue
"Round and Round" Ratt
"Mas Tequila" Sammy Hagar

... and now I've got that frickin' "Walin on Sunshine" stuck in my head.

"You Shook Me All Night Long" - one of my all-time favorite, windows down, sunroof open driving songs.

patty griffin----blue sky

well, I don't have one song, so much as a whole album: Poi Dog Pondering's "Thinking like a Mountain and Wishing Like the Sea."

Very polyrhythmic. Songs include: "Watermelon Song," "Spending the Day In the Shirt that You Wore" "U Li La Lu" and "The Ancient Egyptians."

More acoustic, and includes some input by Abra Moore, violin player/singer in her own right. Later stuff by this band is very techno.

Walk, Don't Run- Ventures
Down on the Corner-CCR
Joy to the World-Three Dog Night
Honky Tonk Heroes-Waylon Jennings
April in Paris-Count Basie
Born to be Wild-Steppenwolf
Breezin-George Benson
Cecilia-Simon & Garfunkel
Dancing in the Streets-Martha & the Vandellas
Do You Love Me-Contours
Dueling Banjos-Flatt & Scruggs
Easy Like Sunday Mornung-Lionel Ritchie
Eye of the Tiger-Foreigner
Fooled Around & Fell in Love-Elvin Bishop
Good Morning Starshine-Cowsills
Great Balls of Fire-Jerry Lee Lewis
Heat Wave-Martha & the Vandellas
Hold on, I'm Comin-Sam & Dave
I Feel Good-James Brown
I'm Gonna Miss Her-Brad Paisley
If I Had a Boat-Lyle Lovett
It's a Hard Rain-Leon Russell
Keep on Dancin-Gentrys
Life's Been Good-Joe Walsh
Little Darling-Diamonds(the greatest sing along R & R song of all time)
Malguena Salerosa-Limelighters
Me & Bobby Mcgee-Janis Joplin
New York, New York-Frank Sinatra
Life Goes on-Beatles
Oh, Happy Day-Bebe & Cece Winans, Edwin Hawkins or Lauryn Hill
Roll Me Over in the Clover-Oscar Brand
Runaway-Del Shannon
Take It to the Limit-Eagles
The Air That I Breath-Hollies
Cast Your Fate to the Wind-Vince Guaraldi
Walk Right in-Rooftop Singers

Sorry so many. Lookin for one I couldn't remember and ran across too many others.

"Down" by 311 and "How soon is now" by The Smiths. There are more, but those are two of my favorites.

My favorite warm weather musical memory is walking to Astoria Park from my apartment on 33rd St., on a sunny Saturday afternoon, wearing a straw hat, bikini top and cutoffs, carrying a bottle of ice water in one hand and my boom box in the other as it played Don Henley's "Boys of Summer." Yeah, I had my hair slicked back and my sunglasses on, baby. Even though it's an end-of-summer song, it still warms me up.

i second the sweet home alabama. in high school, a friend of mine drove me and a neighbor and my sister to school every morning. (it was a private day school. we carpooled) on the first nice day we would always blast sweet home alabama on the way home as soon as we pulled out of the parking lot. rumbling down that dirt road with the windows down and the sun pouring in and the music blasting was wonderful.

my other one is drowning by ak1200. hes a drum and bass dj. its very rhythmic and it always reminds me of the spring in the city smell.

The Stones - Ain't Too Proud To Beg

Runnin' on Empty - Jackson Browne
Dreams - Allman Brothers

I second 'Crystal Blue Persuasion' and 'Here Comes the Sun'.. definitely. And might I add:

Cruisin - Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
Bernadette - The Four Tops
My Girl - The Temptations

Or, if golden oldies aren't suitable:
Soft Cell - Tainted Love
Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love or Somebody to Love
Rush - One Little Victory
Bob Seger - Night Moves

Ooops.. how could I forget?
Elvis Costello - Everyday I Write the Book

I forgot:
Lyle Lovett's version of Blue Skies