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It took a lot less time than I thought. This was written by Will Self on April 4 - I thought for sure that the smug leftists would wait a bit more before declaring the rescue of PFC Jessica Lynch a sham:

No, no matter how much gungho hacks and government flaks choose to trumpet Private Lynch's rescue as a story of humane values and derring-do, the suspicion remains that it's a dirty little piece of propaganda in a morally suspect war.

This is the mantra of the far left: Deny everything. Nothing that happens is real, nothing is true, everything is a lie. All facts can be refuted by the notion that life is just a smokescreen for what really happens behind the masks of the people who run the White House.

Liar, liar pants on fire. Demean, degrade and disavow. But never offer proof of your frivoulous denials of fact. Calling someone a liar doesn't make it so. But if often makes you look like a four year throwing a tantrum.

Did too.

Did not.

No matter how many Iraqi atrocities we uncover, the left will say they are faked. No matter how many weapons of mass destruction we unearth, the left will say we planted them there. If we find nerve gas, they will say we are lying. If we find tombs filled with the lifeless bodies of tortured Iraqis, they will say the pictures we see are touched up.

It is their only defense in this war of moral equations. It's been worn very thin.


I wonder what they'll say about the military scientists that were testing water from the Euphrates and found high concentrates of nerve gases.

I, myself am not 100% sure that actually happened ('cause I wasn't there), but it's mentioned on the Live from the Sandbox blog.

under estimate the power of those
who refuse to see
remember half the people you deal
with are below average.
Education cures ignorance
Stupidity is Terminal

I forgot to mention that LFTS has a link to a story in the UK press about the mustard gas and cyanide that was found.

That just amuses me, I mean, I have my own issues with the war and all - Saddam needs to be out of there but I hate to see our soldiers there fighting (leftover bleeding heart since my ex-husband, friends and a cousin are in the Army) - however I would NEVER think that any of that stuff has been faked. Sure, "America is safer now than at the beginning of the war" cracked me up, but I believe that all the details behind Lynch's rescue are real. You just can't make that stuff up.

Well they haven't really found any weapons of mass destructions yet. And most of us non bandwagon lefties support the war because of the humanitarian effort. But, we also distrust our administration and doubt the existance of their altruism. If you think this is just about our administrations need to do good in the world and rid it of wmd. Well, I think that a little nieve.

It's always funny how the far left will use numbers provided by CENTCOM only if it could bolster their argument.

Someone in an earlier post said that "Education cures ignorance". While that's true, our educational system also breeds large egos on a grand scale.

Well, a couple of reporters and some GIs just had to be decontaminated from Sarin Gas, it's over on the Command Post.
The Keft always accuses us of lies and propaganda, it's all they know. The entire philosophy of the Left is based on lies. They brag about how wonderful the Cuban education system is while actual Cubans die trying to reach Florida. They brag about the wonderful Canadian health care system while actual Canadians flock across the border to get an MRI in less than a year.
The Left is in the unfortunate position of the guy whose wife comes in and catches him in bed with her sister. Who are you gonna believe, me or your lyin' eyes?

I listened to these guys mysince I was a little kid as they talked about the cold war...

Now that they're talking about something I already studied for myself I see that they buy every single bit of propagada that comes their way as long as it isn't from the American Government or it's supporters. I see lots of paranoia and not much knowledge.

It makes me wonder what crap I bought from them about the cold war. Or were they right twice a day, like a clock?

I sent Self's article to a few friends nominating it for the "Best Satanically Inspired Projectile Vomiting" of the Iraq War. I realize it's got tough competition. There are Fisk's necro porn and Arnett's plea for the Iraqi leadership to shape up and provide him with more civilian casualties, and it's not over yet. Still, this is a special piece of nastiness. I hope to one day meet Mr. Self.

When we read news reports like these: Rescued US soldier jovial, no gunshot wounds, then Rescued POW was shot, doctors tell family, and then this post, surely you must question the reliability of early reports, and we should all give it some time before trying to figure out what really happened. Perhaps we should wait until we can hear it from her?

What, Michele, you mean you've never heard of the conspiracy theory of evidence? It's the one that says the absence of evidence PROVES the existence of a conspiracy.

Andrea, it's called "fog of war."

Hey Edgar, that's "naive" not "nieve". I guess you got caught up in disbelief of how the government tells you how to spell in the midst of being paranoid about everything else they tell you.

"But, we also distrust our administration and doubt the existance of their altruism."

One should never implicitly trust any government. Question Authority is a good motto. But questioning authority is much different than accusing authority of lying to you at every turn. Questioning authority means you intend to evaluate the answers and give them a fair chance of being believable under scrutiny.

The US government could declare the sky blue and Mr. Self would insist the government was artificially coloring it in an effort to distract the public from "the conspiracy".

Self doesn't deny that the facts of the event actually happened. If that's all you took away from his article, then your reading comprehension skills are near zero.

Michele, you've painted yourself into an ideological corner and have lost some perspective, seeing enemies at every turn. Loosen up.

And Will Self is hardly someone I'd characterize as being 'far left'.

You see the problem? The same is valid from the other side. I can't imagine any thinking human being would blindly believe all the crap like the far righties do. They can even see proved fake (like at the jugoslawia war) and still believe the sun shines out of George W. ass and all his words and all the words of his friends are nothing than true. I don't say it's all wrong, but you might be able to see that some incidents come way too handy. Sometimes that happens in real Life, too, but sometimes somebody helped a bit.

I think the right is just as guilty as the left when it comes to over looking facts, scrubbing reports, and denial.
We never hear the hawks talking about the nearly 1000 dead Iraqi citizens, or the thousands of injuries and maimed children, reports of friendly fire, the horrible battle plans laid out by Rummy et al.
The right pounces on reports of serin nerve agent found in Iraq, but neglects to mention the later discoveries that the supposed WMD is just pesticide.
Both sides are guilty of denial, and trying to create their own spin on facts and reports.
I'm sure fewer leftists would be inclined to deny deny deny if the Bush administration would give them fewer reasons to do so. If the media and the pentagon would investigate before making statements that are quickly proven false, I'm sure Bush would have more credibilty, even with the left.

Lilli Marleen -- What on earth does the Yugoslavia war have to do with George Bush? Surely you are aware he wan't President at that time.

And what "proved fake" are you talking about? Are you claiming that wide-spread murders were not taking place?

David Jaroslav, I'm not sure what's wrong with saying we should wait to hear from Jessica Lynch to find out what really happened. That would clear up the whole fog of war thing surrounding her, wouldn't it? Why play with the fog at all?

Maybe you "skeptics" didn't read what Self said:
the suspicion remains that it's a dirty little piece of propaganda in a morally suspect war.
That's a little more than "questioning authority" or not "playing with the fog." He could have written, for instance, his little piece the way andrea said -- to wait for Pfc. Lynch's own story before making assumptions, etc., etc. But he didn't -- he deliberately used inflammatory, accusatory terms. That tells me where he is coming from, and it's not a position that means he will be thrilled if her story turns out to match the so-called "official" one. That is the problem here, not our supposed gullibility where this episode is concerned.

What it all boils down to is that the lefties tend to invoke emotions in their arguments. In any argument, when someone tries to scare me I see them for what they are: factless. That is exactly what is going on; no facts fit the argument they want, so they run to emotions.

Facts can't always define a situation. People act on emotion. Everyone uses emotion to their own advantage, Bush plays on the emotions of the 9/11 attacks, despite the fact that they don't have anything to do with this current war. Lefties use peoples emotions when they refer to conspiracies.
If everything were based on fact, then this war wouldn't be a reality. The fact is that Bush and Blair said they were going in to Iraq to find WMD that Saddam has and to disarm him. The fact is, there haven't been any WMD found. The facts show that the Bush administration said the Iraqis would welcome the soldiers, that the US would be in Baghdad by March 27. The facts are that the Iraqis are fighting the invaders, whether they want Saddam or not, it's clear that they don't want to be ruled by the US, and the coalition still hasn't taken Baghdad. There are many facts showing that Saddam is an evil dictator, many that show he's a murderer and a theif. But there are many facts that show the US has done similar things, agent Orange used in Vietnam still has lasting effects on the Vietnamese people, the nuclear bomb dropped in Hiroshima still has it's effects on the people of Japan. The fact is that Saddam has to go, but invasion isn't the way.

And the death of the dinosaurs has affected us all down through the ages, Chip. And your point is? What -- that we all use emotions to get our way, therefore everything anyone says is suspect? So I guess by that definition I get to regard your statement
Bush plays on the emotions of the 9/11 attacks, despite the fact that they don't have anything to do with this current war.
as nothing more than fact-twisting and the usage of emotionalism to force your point, and therefore I should reject it? Fine with me.

I'm not convinced the dinosaurs ever really existed. Having never dug up a skeleton myself, for all I know it has been an elaborate ruse built up over a long period of time to discredit the Bible.

Nah, just kidding, everyone knows the Bible is apocryphal and CNN always tells the truth.

To use facts, for instance, CENTCOM has been very open about instances of friendly fire. Or did you miss the press conference discussing the Patriot missile that hit the Tornado?

I'm curious why one can take the statements of Iraq's Information Minister at face value, but accuse US gov't sources of lying at every opportunity. Seems a little one-sided to me. I don't believe everything that the Pentagon says, but neither do I believe everything Iraq's military says, either.

I'm not saying that you cannot use emotion to reject all statements, or that you should reject statements. I'm just saying that facts alone can be twisted, and that emotions alone are unreliable. People make decisions based on emotion, we are creatures of emotion. To discount emotion would be folly. You may reject my statements as I reject those made by others.

Unless you're Vulcan.

Chip wrote:
The facts show that the Bush administration said the Iraqis would welcome the soldiers, that the US would be in Baghdad by March 27.

Quote, please.