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words to live by

One of the fun things we did at my sister's shower today was to pass around paper cut-out hearts on pipe cleaner stems. Each person at the party wrote little words of wisdom on the hearts and then we put them in a vase and presented them to Lisa.

The best words by far came from Lisa's childhood friend Giselle:

click for larger image

Those are some very deep thoughts when you think about it.


Heh heh... just wait until she goes through pregnancy and discovers the joy of being gaseous all the time. "Pull my finger" will never again sound as good...

dammit i cain't readdit
must be a chick thing

Remember these words the next time Arafat opens his lying trap.Or Chirac,

TX: just assume the words rhyme they you should be able to figure it out

Unless you have 100lb German Shepherd that LOVES cat food.

God! He did it AGAIN. Like he knew I was writing about him!

Excuse me.

(runs screaming from the computer - gasping for air)