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blogaversary greetings, mr. esmay

Today is the one year anniversary of Dean Esmay's blog.

He has written a lovely entry about the history of his blog and the people who helped make him the star that he is. Yes, behind every great blogger is a whole bunch of people who said "Dude, you should get a blog."

Dean, whom I admire and respect very much, wrote this little line about me:

Michele Catalano, who is as foul-mouthed, hormonal, bitchy, mean-spirited, smart, kind, generous, thoughtful, and funny as always. What's not to love? The answer is: nothing!

I think I may cry.

Go read Dean's blog if you haven't already. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder why his wife doesn't write more often. Which is not a slight to Dean. It just means that they are both equally talented, bright funny and damn nice people.


Totally off-topic, but I just noticed your last name.

I don't suppose your the of the same clan as Frankie and Joe from Oakdale?

Thank you Michele!