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super secret location disclosed!

I'm back from my super secret event at the super secret location. No, Dick Cheney was not there and no, I was not at a top level meeting of some supermediawebsite that wants to buy Command Post for several million dollars. Nice thought, though.

I've been at the surprise bridal shower for my sister Lisa, who reads this blog and posts here occasionally and always leaves comments about how mean I was to her when she was little, so I couldn't say anything about it until now.

I have very damaging pictures of her wearing a hat made out of bows.

I'm going to relax for a bit. Maybe when I get back I'll post the silly pictures of Lisa if you beg me enough.

Oh, the Yankees (5-1) game for tomorrow has already been snowed out. I've been made aware that this has nothing to do with weather demons, but is in fact a curse put upon the Yankees by a deranged Red Sox fan.

What goes around comes around, bud.


Sox home opener forecast is for showers and 48-degrees. Mm-boy, if that don't spell baseball...

And I'm not deranged.

I have very damaging pictures of her wearing a hat made out of bows.

Is that all she was wearing?

Congrats to Lisa on her wedding, by the way.

Hope they were bows made of moolah!

It WAS the mighty Snow Demons; if Red Sox fans knew anything about curses, they'd be able to lift the one on their team.

Cheney was a no-show??? bastard. he promised me TupperWar.

The Yankees are 5-1, the Yankees are 5-1...yeah, yeah , yeah...

So are the Pirates, what's your point? I don't follow baseball, but don't they suck?

Hey, could you leave Boston area residents that aren't Red Sox fans outta this dang weather cursing thing? Maybe just make it snow over Fenway or something?

It's Aprils like these that make me question my sanity in staying up here instead of moving back to Hawaii after college.