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forecast: opening day snowed out

I'm blogging from a super secret location right now because I am on my way to a super secret kind of thing that I can only talk about after the super secret event is over, or else I will ruin someone's day.

You'll figure it out later.

Tomorrow is Yankees opening day.

Forecast: 6-8 inches of snow.

Tell me again about global warming. What a fairy tale that has turned out to be.


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The global warming hysterics point to everyone freezing their asses off in snowdrifts ass deep to a tall indian as evidence of
Wait for it

Global Warming!
Yeah, right.

I'm on the Command Post mailing list, I know where she's going....! (Na, na,na,na,na)

Don't worry, I'm not a jerk. I won't give it away and ruin the surprise.


The wife and I came up to New York for a weekend vacation, and it's been rainy / snowy / cold the whole damn time. We called off our trek into the City. We've spent our whole vacation at malls, movie theatres, and in the hotel room (not that I'm complaining about that part, mind you). Can't wait to go back home though. Now remember why I'll always make my home in the south.

And now, a little weekend limerickage, straight from a hotel in cold, dreary New York, courtesy of your new imperial poet laureate:

In New York we sought a vacation
But instead got refrigeration
If only we'd known,
we'd never have gone.
But at least there was much copulation.

All the crowd talking about global warning used emotion to argue, not logic or proven fact. If we really are globally warming wouldn't we be setting record highs each year? Why is it we (in Iowa) haven't had a worse summer than 1986 when almost ALL of July and August were over 100 degrees? Heck, last year we only had like 3 days over 100 all summer. Oh - just for the record we are to get 7-10 inches of snow tomorrow. Three weeks into spring, HA!

You guys do understand that global warming makes itself apparent when trends are looked at in broad terms, over time, right? Individual bad seasons will still occur and, yes, we'll still get the occasional surprise snowfall in New York mid-late April.

Make no mistake, though, the phenomenon is real.

My sacrifices have pleased the snow demons, your opening day is ruined!

(evil laugh)

There was a nice article in the Telegraph about how they've figured out it's much cooler now than in the middle ages. That's what happens when you base all your data on the mini-ice-age that started in the 1300s. no URL...

Not to change the subject, but did anyone else hear David Bloom died? Of a lung problem, apparently.

Have fun at the super secret event for the super secret person. Hope you didn't leave the super secret package at home. D'oh!

Jon, even the "broad trends" are largely nonsense. Supposedly, there was an increase in global temp over the last century. But most of that increase occurred in the first part of the 20th century, before the huge increase in CO2 emissions (not to mention the fact that nearly all of the monitors are in urban areas and are subject to non-representative readings because of concrete and asphalt). Additionally, the global warming models all assume an increase in atmospheric temperature, when in fact, there has been a decrease, which ruins the credibility of the models.

Say hi to the Veep at that Undisclosed Location for us, m'kay?

Dang, I hate secrets! I do wish you'd post some pics of your ass on here. Or your breast. Or even a leg shot. I'll be back later to see if you do.

global warming my, you know what!

Mark, here's the link to that article.

(I'd just done a blog post about it)

Jon, wake up - the arguments are emotional. The same people who are crying about the global warming phenomenon are the same ones who were crying about the coming ice age when I was in college in the mid 1970's. I live in Iowa. At one time Iowa was a tropical paradise. At another time it was under a glacier. The evidence is all here. Heck, it's all over the midwest. We only have accurate data for about 100-200 years. We can't measure weather cycles in such short time frames. Any attempt to means one simply isn't looking at the big picture.

Global warming is all too real down here in Houston - it was hot and muggy outside yesterday. Blech!

Yes Jon and the retreat of the glaciers that carved out Yosemite Valley a few thousand years ago was caused by the heat from Fred Flintstone's car.
We can go into Kansas and dig and find seashells.
The climate has changed over and over again throughout the Earth's history. We'll adapt. That's why at least some of us have brains.
Meanwhile hysterics were running around screaming that we're all gonna die from the Ozone hole. There's not enough ozone! Now they're lowering speed limits, there's too much ozone! We're all gonna die!
You peabrains took away our freon because it was killing the damned ozone, now you're complaining that there's too much ozone.
Gimme back my freon and I'll spray it on the effing ozone and we can go back to seventy miles per hour,

Perhaps the science behind global warming is questionable. However, if there isn't a pressing argument to reduce pollution, no nation will do it.
The solution is to find another immediate consequence of not reducing pollution, and sell that as the rationale.