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say hello to my little friend

Yes, I'm still here.

Unfortunately, Mr. Headache is here, too.

Make that Mr. BigAss Headache.

I am going to hit Mr. BigAss Headache over the head now with some Exedrin Migraine and some sleep.


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Does that stuff really work? I get killer headaches a few times a year that just put me right down.

Sounds like you are a Imitrex patient.

imitrex is okay. maxalt and zomig are much better ... and they have the cool dissolving tabs.
i use a rice bag (a muslin bag of whole grain white rice, microwaved) as a hot pack on my eyes/forehead. or an icepack is good, too. or alternate them.
then, ask miss jessica about the herb feverfew. and call me in the morning...


1500 mg of Tylenol later, Mr.Headache left my house. I pray like hell that he stays away because I can't aget into my Vicodin until tomorrow night.

Feel better soon, Michele

Hope your head feels better quick-like.

Not to be completely off topic (well...), but am I the only one who thinks Griffey is a fragile sissy now?

He's in the NL of course, so he's pretty much irrelevant to the Yankees, but really, they practically built a stadium for the guy.

Griffey has a sever case of Rickey Henderson-itis.

If Mr. KillerCough and Mrs. PsychoFever show up, DO NOT SEND THEM BACK HERE.

When Mr. Headache comes a-knockin' I kick his ass with 2 Xtra strength Tylenol and 3 Advil all at once. That and a real hot shower do the trick guaranteed!

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