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can 'person of the year' be far behind?

Command Post made the print issue of Time Magazine.

Can I get a woot!?


Congrats to all the other sites that made it as well. You can see the online edition of the article here.



Woot !!

Way to go !

Also, please note that this weeks #1 Video on VH1 is When I'm Gone - 3 Doors Down. Dedicated to the men and women of the US Armed Services.

Funny enough Madonna/System of a Down/Mellencrap didn't make it !!!

Congrats Michele and the rest at C.P.

Oh, hell yes! Congratulations.


Who luvs ya bay-bee?

I get Time in the mail - i'll be saving that issue!

Yeahhhhhhhhh, baby!

hat trick woot woot woot

1 woot =A Small Victory
1 woot =Command Post
1 woot =With your sweat and my
savvy, I made some serious
well virtually serious $$$
at blogshares. lol :o)


Now those pictures from last night have even more meaning...

Great! What's a print magazine?

That's awesome! I may have to go buy a copy of that issue. Command Post has become the first place I check when I want to know what's going on with the war. Thanks for creating such an amazing site!

Congrats to all involved.

Way to go! Hearty congratulations. Well deserved.

YEAH!!!! Go Michele!!!
Do you have time to sleep??

Conga rats, babe! You deserve the press!

Now we can all stop searching for proof behind the statement 'Michele Rocks'. There it is, concrete, permanent ink.


Tonight I met the girl I'm going to marry, by the way. has nothing to do with the fact that YOU ROCK, but I just had to tell someone.

i saw that issue on a delta airplane today -i wanted to tell the guy next to me all about it, but he was too busy hogging my armrest, so i had to be excited all by myself. congratulations.

A belated w000000t! for you! THAT ROCKS!

That's my little warhawk. (sniffle) You're getting all mainstream and soon you'll fly from this medium into the next and become a proper journalist in meatspace.

Try and have them assign you to the war in France when it starts, then you can come visit London!