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some people just don't know when to shut it

In today's Boston Globe there is an interesting article about the legacy of PFC Jessica Lynch and how she is being/will be treated by the media.

One paragraph jumped out at me:

While Lynch lay in a hospital bed in Germany with fractured arms, legs, and spine, one talk-show host in Boston, Jay Severin - who has never served in the military - wondered if she were being mythologized as a plot by liberals to legitimize women in combat. He also introduced the notion that she might have been the driver, given that the convoy lost its way.

I wonder if Jay Severin has read or seen any of the accounts of what PFC Lynch went through. I am assuming not because, if he did, he would not have used the term "mythologized" to describe her story.

And that last bit, well that's just tasteless.


He also introduced the notion that she might have been the driver, given that the convoy lost its way.

Obviously he's just a big gas bag; the fact that they didn't stop to ask directions proves a man was at the wheel.

I just started listening to him recently - not on a regular basis and in general he has an enormous amount of respect for American troops. I have to wonder how accurate that report is because that really doesn't sound like him. I DO know that someone called into the show saying they would act differently with a woman in their unit - but that was not an opinion he voiced. I think it's possible that story could be a little off-base. I could be wrong - but that really doesn't sound like him.

I hope that story IS off base and that NO ONE would be so much of a bastard that they could say something like that. To blame Jessica for her fate and the deaths of 7 (or 8?) of her platoon members because she's a woman who can't read a map... that's beyond low and cowardly. If he did say it, anyone who respects the military, or respects women in this country should immediately boycott his show.

Then there are the lefties who swear up and down the fact that she was found in a hospital proves the Iraqis are a-okay and we are the real bad guys for Gitmo.

It's hard to have any respect for a reporter who can't keep the stereotypes right:

Women drive badly because their pretty little heads can't deal with mechanical stuff.

It's men who get lost because they're too macho to check a map or ask for directions.

I tend to believe this story.
Tasteless inflammatory remarks
seem to be part of his playbook.
Stock in trade if you will.

It just shows to go you,
there are lunatics in every camp

I like listening to Jay sometimes. He ALWAYS expresses support for the men and woman who serve in our military. I wasn't listening when he said this about Pfc. Lynch, but knowing Jay, I think that he probably meant it as a bit of dark humor. But whatever the context, it was in extremely bad taste. He'll probably be getting a lot flak over it already, but if you'd like to add to the flak his email is:


The best time to email him is during his show - weekdays 3pm to 7pm.
I'm going to try call him during his show Monday to let him know that as a former Marine, I consider his statement a slander to our armed services, but the lines are usually pretty busy so I'll be lucky to get through to him. I'm guessing that he'll probably apologize for the statement, If he hasn't already.

No huge fan of Jay S. Mostly due to his silly "let's just drop a nuke and go home"

The comments quoted are in no way beyond him... But the Globe has been at war with him for his generally conservative stances for a couple of years.

I have read a half a dozen or so hatchet jobs the globe has done on Severin... and if this one is even close to that level of dishonesty... you better wait for the real story on Monday.

True, Mark. I should have considered the source. I just talked to a friend who listens to Jay everyday. He said Jay had talked about how liberals and feminists would probably jump on the Lynch wagon, but he didn't recall any comments about Lynch being the driver and causing the convoy to get lost.

I'm sure Jay will get wind of the article and talk about it Monday. I'll hold my judgement until I hear what he has to say.

What a dickwad. Maybe he should try to spend a little time in Iraq and see how he does against the elements - natural and Iraqi-made

I'm something of a joke among my family about reading a map, but I can do it, and do it well.

Jay's comments implying that they got lost and taken prisoner because she was the driver (not substantiated), and a woman? Geez.

I guess it's the mark of a second rate entertainer... Go for the easy laugh.

On a more serious not. Even if she was driving, the Army don't let no PFC navigate. I'm sure there was an Lt in there somewhere. They are notorious for both getting lost and getting killed.

Jennifer - I listened to the show (as I usually do) and the report is accurate. He also wondered if they would have put all the people at risk to rescue a male soldier.

Greg - MY thoughts exactly!

Refugee - Jay Severin isn't a reporter - just a talk show host

I'll also chime in and confirm the Globe bit -- I don't recall the part that another commenter made about how we wouldn't have done the rescue if she were a he, but I've been finding that my tolerance for his outrageous statements is fast dwindling -- my sense is that whereas he'd maybe make a couple of mildly outrageous statements just to get people calling, he's more and more crossing the border into at best (such as with the driving remark) into horrendously bad taste, and in most cases being just plain offensive and conteptible.

He's rapidly dropping to the bottom of the rotation for my evening commute-time listening, and if the trend continues by the end of this week he'll be off it completely, at least for the duration of the war.

The motto "Leave no man behind" existed way before they let women into front-line roles, so yes I think they would have done that type of rescue operation for a man. I also think it would have gotten probably 80-90% as much press also. America loves stories like that. The military loves "getting one over" on the enemy too.

Then there are the lefties who swear up and down the fact that she was found in a hospital proves the Iraqis are a-okay and we are the real bad guys for Gitmo.

Even worse, there are some claiming that she was never a prisoner in the first place, that they whole thing is a publicity stunt to get more support for the war. How's that for atrocious?

The interesting part of that story was the Iraqi doctor who helped Lynch escape... which deflates the "All Iraqis hate Americans" proposition that some lunatics believe in.

I heard it too. And today he got all bent on the air about the Globe article. he is a complete ass. And a liar.

I really believe Jay said exactly that, although he supports the troops he is a complete idiot when it comes to politics. I consider myself independent, mainly because I think it is useless this "girl fight" between republicans and democrats, and Jay is certanly one of this idiots that want to bring more votes to his party saying stupid things

It was quite funny at the time he said it because everybody wanted the story to be true about her.

So now it's April 17, 2003 and hey, guess what. It was all a big BS story. Just what the world needs another TRUE AMERICAN HERO. Didn't you just know that she didn't take out a whole Iraqi platoon single handedly while she was going down in a hail of gunfire!!! N.O.W.-N.O.W.-N.O.W.' JUST THE FACTS MA'AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please!!

Jay is a gigantic ass.
He uses racism, mysogeny, and homophobia and acts as if this is "intelligence".
He claims to be some big shot in politics, but those whom I know in the business have never heard of him - he probably got coffee for the volunteers.
And, as if all of the fraud that he perpetrates (mis-information, lies, etc.) isn't bad enough - HE DOESN'T EVEN BROADCAST FROM BOSTON!!! He pretends to be in Boston, when he is actually broadcasting from his house down in New York somewhere.
Watch out for this guy. He is as evil as they come.
He has lost all of his other jobs, and he will be chased out of Boston eventually as well.

Jay rules. Just because some of you morose jellyfish can't handle a little humor, don't project your own inadequacies on some talkshow host.

A little humor Dan?
Jay Severin and you may find the holocaust, the war in Iraq, sexism, racism and homophobia funny but normal people donít.
Dan, seek therapy seek it fast.

Dan, Bob, et al.
Let's not waste our energy here. First, Jay was kidding with his comment about women drivers getting lost. Inapropriate or not, you be the judge. Probably so depending on your take on the story. But, with regard to the idea that Jessica Lynch might be mythologized by liberals to promote women in combat. Let's take the comment by the word and not add our feelings about the seriousness of the war (that is a different point). It does appear convenient that Jessica Lynch's story was promoted much more so than the others (men I might add) and it does make a statement about Women in combat. Ms. Lynch has herself said on several occasions that the media exaggerated her story. I must say, Jay has a point.