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another one comes out of the woodworks

Obviously John Mellencamp/Cougar/Melonhead/Whatever's career is in decline, so he figures penning an anti-Bush song will spark some interest in his redundant, sleep-inducing library of songs.

Sorry, but I've seen better thoughts scrawled on the belly of a naked anti-war protester.

I wrote this with no pants on.

Hey, you know what's playing?

Jump jump
The Mac Dad will make ya Jump jump
The Daddy will make ya Jump jump


criss cross will make you jump jump puts pants back on, but backwards

give piece some pants

or not
your call

What a lovely song ... for me to poop on.

Not one to advocate controversy (hehe), if you become belligerent later, hop on over to jaksblog.blogspot.com. He has hopes of Iraq damaging the "American war machine" as much as possible. I shall have my Canuck friends kick his ass.

John Cougar Poopiepants
John Cougar Menstrualcramps

Anyone else?

Mellencamp didn't write it. It's an old 60's anti-war song, Woodie Guthrie I think.

More like Arlo Guthrie, I think.

Arlo Guthrie wrote a song about George W. Bush in the sixites?? That's pretty prescient of him. (I assume you were referring to the tune, not the lyrics.)

I have always referred to him as John Booger Melonhead. At least, since that horrid "Jack and Diane" thing.

why dont you have lyrics? i am really confused on this sight...its not organized!!!
thanx buh~bye