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bring on the patriotism, then!

Thanks, James. Just what I needed.


reference here

Yes, that is what America is all about.

The democracy.

The whiskey.

The sexy.

I've got all three staring right at you. How patriotic can you get?


i'm a flag waving mama for sure now

she's a grand ol flag
she's a high (way high) flying flag.....

I read that earlier today and I was left thinking, "that would be the most awesome campaign slogan EVER."

"If elected president, I will GIVE you Democracy. I will GIVE you whiskey. And, as God as my witness, I will GIVE you sexy."

Damn right... I say we put a Hooters in down town Bahgdad!

good thing we're not iraqi citizens, then it'd be satellite guided missles staring us right in the face.

Hate to tell you, sweety, but tequila is only figuratively whiskey. Possible exception: Cuervo Anejo. Smoooooth.

I think I read somewhere that the 9th circuit said we should replace "under God" with that saying.
"...One nation, indivisible with Liberty, Justice, Democracy, Whiskey and Sexy for all."