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watcha wearin?

Let it be known that it is only 5:30 on Friday and I am already quite inebriated.

Please forgive anything posted from here on.

I am not wearing pants, as per Mr. Pirillo. (see post below)

You better not be wearing pants either.

As a matter of fact, I want pictures of all of you. Pantless.

Oh for crying out loud, keep those undies on. I don't want your thang wigglin' in my face.

Let's go. Pantless for Peace! Undies for USA!

That means you too, you males.


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pace yo'self, I want to get drunk too and i was hoping we could talk dirty to each other with our pants off?!! i dont want you to pass out before i'm naked.

mmm, I don't know...I think this thong makes me look fat.

I'm on my way home to shed my clothes, play video games in my underwear (well, panties because I can only wear a bra so many hours in a day), and drink raspberry pina coladas until I pass out.

um - i understand you're a banana-eating war monkey ...

that's what i get when i plug-in "michele"

wow - this monkey thing really works!

...and that totally works as the new motto for your blog....

You know, I was wondering how to make my evening of listening to 80's Eurotrash music more fun! (Odd that "Love Spreads" is playing right now...) Besides, I've always been susceptible to peer pressure--especially involving nudity and alcohol!

you are starting early. gonna be a helluva weekend for sure.

pantless for peace.

how about topless for truth?

I'm sorry, I'm still wearing pants. But then, I haven't actually left work yet. Give me an hour to get home, then watch out!

Damn you for starting so early!!

I'll have to pass on the pantless drunken foray this go-round. too cold...I might get frostbite on my...heh..won't go there just yet. but I will partake in a shot or two...got any lime?

hers and his.

I'm in New Hampshire - it is 20 degrees - it is freezing rain and snowing - the pants are staying on!! Margaritas wednesday though - wearing pants - maybe.