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what were you saying?

Yep, we're still killing those babies over there and practicing genocide. Why, just look at this hardened soldier committing war crimes!

NASIRIYAH, Iraq (Apr. 2. 2003) -- Chief Hospital Corpsman David Jones of the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) (15th MEU (SOC)) holds the two-hour- old newborn Rogenia Katham, daughter of Jamila Katham. The infant was born in the Battalion Landing Team 2/1's Battalion Aid Station after arriving at the 15th MEU's position. U.S. Marine Corps Photo by SSgt. Robert Knoll. Link via command post.



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Surely that's not an Iraqi baby! A true Iraqi baby would fight to the death for Saddam rather than be held by an American soldier! It must be another American lie!

I am suck a big suck for pictures like this. aww. that is such a heart warming picture.

What a cute picture.Will this baby survive when once the US soldiers leave the country like they did the last time?

There goes Lilli, dumping her usual big bucket of "duh" all over the place.

Meanwhile over in the yellow press in Egypt, the english version of Al Ahram has this picture and caption Sunday, somewhere on the outskirts of Basra, an Iraqi woman flees the city -- declared "a legitimate military target" by British military commanders -- carrying an infant in her arms

No doubt the Arabic version has tons of pictures of dead and dying babies instead... At least I've read that that's the difference between the English and Arabic versions of Al Jazeera

John Kerry take this you BAD person you. You need to keep your mouth SHUT...

Rock on. This photo rocks....

Obviously, Michele, you've got it all wrong. That soldier is just checking to see if that baby's fat enough to eat.

You know, 'cause we're all a bunch of baby eating bloodthirsty cannibal Nazis from hell, and stuff.

Oh, and Lili - don't worry. We'll be sure to kill the entire village on our way out of the country, to fulfill your fondest anti-American expectations. Just 'cause we care. Happy?

Will someone please e-mail this picture to Susan "Not in My Brain" Sarandon?

Proof positive that in a time of war, American soldiers proove again that they do have heart...

Kinda off subject, but did anyone els see the American soldier in Nasariyah (I think?) teaching the kids to dance to rap? I almost wet my pants!

"Put your hands up, whoo, whoo!
Put your hands up, whoo, whoo!
Now shake your booty!
Now shake your booty!"

Teaching kids to dance to rap? Now that simply HAS to be against the rules of war set forth by the Geneva Convention.

checking Geneva Convention handbook

Yep, it's a clear violation.

Aw c'mon. Even I can see he is sitting there trying to remember which condiment goes best of roasted baby. :-)

The picture makes me want to weep.

These comments are cracking me up.

It's like I'm PMSing in this little box.

Obviously, Michele, you've got it all wrong. That soldier is just checking to see if that baby's fat enough to eat.

Not only that, but when you look at the picture through your Special Leftist Ethno-Decoding Glasses, you'll see that 1) the little light-skinned baby is actually brown, and 2) the black-skinned soldier is actually white. Because, you know, we like to kill Little Brown Childrentm and we're all white supremacists. That's what Noam Chomsky and Nicholas DeGenova told me, and I have no reason to disbelieve them.

"Will this baby survive when once the US soldiers leave the country like they did the last time?"

It all depends, Lilli. If we scuttle like the Axis of Weasels, the pro-Saddam fascists of ANSWER, and the Arab alleyway -- err, street -- would like us to, then, no, that kid doesn't stand a chance.

If, on the other hand, we don't just install a suitably (by the lights of the Axis of Weasels, etc.) progressive government and run, but take several years to create a society with respect for democracy, the rule of law, and the rights of individuals (as we did, however imperfectly, in Germany and Japan), the kid has every hope in the world.

Ok, Lilli, do you want the UN or not? It was the UN NOT the US, that kept us from finishing the job in '91.

what melly said.

and i have to add the girlie note: is their anything cooler than a big huge cute guy protecting a baby? fehgetaboudit. it's enough to almost make you think shit's ok in the world.

USA ROCKs!!!!! Down with the regime-- about fucking time too. "Sad-damn "should get assassinated soon though. No one wants him around....
sorry to sound all war mongering but I am so sick of the regime, and the people who supported it, etc.
anyway, you were syaing about the Al Jazeera site-- I cant find the pics of the american soldiers. I was going to write about it for the college paper.
thanks- G