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are you ready for some....football?

Is it too early to get excited?

Monday> Sunday, September 7, 2003.

Minnesota at Green Bay 1pm.

via O.W.


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Go Green Bay!! ;-)

I love it when football season rolls around, Michelle.

Of course, I'm going to enjoy the spring and summer first!

It is never too early to get excited about Green Bay...I mean, football. Go, Pack, Go!

Erm ... sure football, whatever. Makes it difficult to do any kind of shopping in Greeen Bay if it's a home game.

It's never to early to get excited about football season :D

Aw crap. I just looked at the schedule. The Eagles first game is against Tampa. Talk about rubbing salt in the wound.... :(

Criminy, can't you people talk about something else? You're gonna stir up the natives, and then I'll have to listen to all the people around me shouting "Green Bay Sucks!".

Minneapolis gets really divisive over the Vikings and the Packers. Don't encourage them!

But Keith, Green Bay does suck.

Ian, you are thisclose to being banned from this site for that remark.

The only reason Minneapolis gets divisive over the Pack and the Vik-Queens is because they have to check each team's record to decide who to vote for...fair weathers.

NFL is my religion, practiced on Sundays & Mondays (with occasional Thursdays & Saturdays) between September & January.

The rest of the year, Sundays just FEEL strange; something is MISSING. A big gaping hole in my SOUL.

MONDAY @ 1pm?
(sorry, M, couldn't resist)

can't wait for another season of disappointment!

The 'Skins suck!! One of the best years of my life was the season they signed Deion Sanders, this city talked so much smack about how the Super Bowl was already won AND THEY DIDN'T EVEN MAKE THE PLAYOFFS!!!! I was the happiest girl iin DC! Go Bucs!!!

And the best thing about the start of football season is that it means there's only one more month 'til hockey season starts!

I try not to make it a habit of asking people I don't know for favors, but....

If you ever find yourself down PA ways there are a couple of regulars who come into the bar that are Brett haters. If you happened to, you know, wanna help me settle an issue? :)

yeah, it's too early. i'm picturing another crappy vikes year, dammit. i swear, with the egos these guys have, the least they could do is play well.

As a Minnesotan, I take umbrage with the statement that we are fair weather fans. Even if we are fair weather fans, we don't like to hear that. And Green Bay? Suckiest bunch of sucks who ever sucked.

September 7? Hell, I can't wait that long.

I'm ready for April 12

My Beloved Bears open the newly renovated Soldier Field on Monday September 29th against the Packers.

I couldn't think of a more appropriate housewarming gift than kicking some cheesehead ass in our new house.!!!

Bear Down!

As a longtime football fan who thoroughly enjoys all aspect of the worlds greatest sport let me just say three things:


Ryan: The Vikes are beyond the suck - what a pathetic bunch of losers and hoods. BTW, I noticed that the number 4 story on the vikes homepage was about celebrity golf, what? Your guys already looking at what they'll be doing in the post season?

Paz: Let me know the place, if I'm up that way - which could happen - I'll check it out with ya'. Think an ex nose guard (college football) who clocks in at #310 could be of any help in gettin' those guys to see the light?

God I miss football - me go now - me hit things - me eat cow.

Hey Jay!

Ya' built a brand new pen for us to beat yer' asses in? How nice of ya'! I've always like brawlin' with da' Bears, no matter how bad a year either team is having it's always a real fight. Hope yo don't mind if we consecrate your new crib with another ass whupin'! We've won what...8 of the last ten meetings and the last three in a row? looking forward to taking another two from ya' big guy!


Personally I'm excited to see the Bears back at Soldier Field. I am convinced that playing all the games "on the road" really put a pinch on the season.

I'm somewhat curious to see how this Kordell situation pans out....


Well, of COURSE the Vikes suck. I'm not arguing that fact. Watching them play, or attempt to play, football last year was an assault on the eyes. My point was that Green Bay is the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked, a statement that is strengthened by years of conditoning at Winona State University (motto: we're better than no college at all), which was right on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border.

Maybe if the Vikings could win ONE Super Bowl, the taunts may mean something. I mean, the Bucs have at least one of them.

Tis true. Sad, but true. When it comes to Super Bowl victories, we're on a par with the Bengals (Bungles). I'm going to crawl under my desk and weep now.

I...I don't know what to say. I hadn't thought of it that way before but when you put it out like that...The Vikes are on par with the Bengals,

Dude - I am so sorry for yyybwahahahahahahaahahaha! Sorry man, I tried to keep a straight face - but really! Vikes==Bengals!

Woo Hoo! Pack Rules! Vikes==Bengals!

Life is good. Me go now.

For those of us iving in Cincy and being a Bengals fan (hey, at least I'm not fair weather), that date represents when the Bengals will be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

sigh - what theresa said.....I'm thinkin' the Eagles blew the best chance they've ever had to actually win the Super Bowl, and really, I think it will be a cold day in hell before the fans really believe in them again.
Ah well, I like football and I live in the Philly suburbs, so you know I'll cave and cheer 'em on again this year.

Fools! You cannot stand against the Denver Broncos and their new secret weapon, Jake Plummer! All your Super Bowl are belong to us!

Erm, oh, pardon me... what I meant to say was that they finally got rid of that schmuck Griese and maybe they'll make it to the pklayoffs this year. Here's hopin!