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for the love of mankind

Yesterday, a guest speaker came to Natalie's school. His name was Mick Foley. Better known as Mankind.

Mick Foley grew up on Long Island.

I dated this big dork named Mick Foley once. On Long Island.

I wonder if....


Well the Mick Foley I dated wanted everyone to call him Micke-elobe. You get it? Michelob? Beer? Clever, eh?

And the Mick Foley I dated was with me on that fateful night that we spotted the UFOs on the Wantagh Parkway.

Only it wasn't UFOs. Or aliens.

It was several piles of newspapers lined up on the parkway.

Which is stranger than UFOs when you think about it.

Mick Foley thought we were going so fast that we hit a time warp and ended up in the future where people built huts out of newspapers dated 1980.

I thought there was something in that nickel bag besides pot.

I think Mick Foley cried.

I never saw him again.

I wonder...


Actually, I know it's not the same Mick Foley, but it was fun to fool Natalie for a little while.


Mick Foley is God. I did that whole April Fool thing the other day just to have an excuse to put his picture up the next morning.

When I lived on Long Island I worked at a Toys R Us that was frequented by Mick Foley. He's a really nice guy, and seems pretty normal and if you didn't know he was Mankind you wouldn't look twice at him (well, you might due to the size of the guy I'm 6'4" and he makes me look small).

Is there any chance that Mick Foley changed his name to Matt and now lives in a van down by the river?

Hey, I've seen UFOs on the Wantaugh Parkway. And I was totally sober. Yep. Totally sober.

Ah, I have great respect for Mick Foley after seeing his pro wrestling work and reading his bio. He's one of the people I'd really like to meet in this lifetime, just because he seems like such a nice guy.

I was lucky enough to meet him last May. Ran into him at Santa's Lodge in Santa Claus, Indiana. (Really.) We were there for Stark Raven Mad at Holiday World. (Really.) A roller coaster event at one of the nicest Amusement parks in the Country. (Really!)

He brought a couple of Make-A-Wish kids to ride roller coasters with him. He was gracious, kind, and genuinely nice. I saw him doing impromptu interviews all over the park with coaster enthusiasts. (Coaster Enthusiasts love camcorders, and film events like mad.)

He was also a physical wreck. Ears mangled, missing teeth, torn up leg joints. He shuffled when he walks. Despite it all, he looked like he was having a blast.

Mick Foley is God.

Just wondering: am I the only one here old enough to remember a skinny Cactus Jack Manson? I remember seeing that sight what seems like eons ago, and when he dropped an elbow from the ring apron to his opponent on the arena floor, I thought, "Either this guy's gonna be huge, or he's gonna wind up in the hospital..."

...both of which, of course, happened to old Mick (multiply-speaking)...

I remember Cactus Jack but do you remember who his sidekick (actually mentor) was at that time???????

Michelle, did he bring SOCKO?????