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poet laureate

It's obvious that Dave has won the position of Poet Laureate of the Empire with No Name. Congratulations, Dave. The job comes with a small stipend and all-area access to the Empire's home base, including that room where I keep all the hard liquor.

And the next person who uses the words Helen Thomas and vagina in the same sentence gets their IP banned.


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Hey, you just did it.


huh huh huhuhuhuh...you said hard.

I must tread lightly here.

For god's sake, don't do this to me--I have a hard time with boundaries, damnit!

What if I use "Dave Thomas" and "vagina" in the same sentance, is that a bootable offence?

Slate is calling D.H. Rumsfeld the new Great American Poet (so move over Jim Morrison):


I missed that last line the first time I read the post.