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invaders from the U.N.!

Before I commence with the naming of the Poet Laureate of the Empire with No Name, I must show you what I have been doing the past hour or so, thanks to Kevin Parrot (who, with Jim Treacher, will soon be named Empirical Speech Writer)

Yes, I made my own customized Space Invaders Game: Nix Blix! Blix Nukem Forever!

No one has yet applied for the position of Comic Book Collection Overseer or Video Game Purchaser


HUZZAH! Blix Nukem Forever is out!

Hey - How about Empirical Beer Brewer?

I have a recipie for a fabulous ESB....

ooh! ooh! (alright, I'll stop channelling Horschak) ...please to be gracing me with the position of Comic Book Collection Overseer (although perhaps my own collection of 5000-odd comics in four long boxes and twenty-some binders may not be enough to qualify me for such a serious position...)

I'm making one with Michael Moore, The Dixie Chicks, and The Pope.

For some reason I keep thinking of the old Imperial margarine commercials, where the people would have the crowns magically appear on their heads.