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lost causes


It doesn't matter where the anti-war or anti-America people hail from. They are all the same. The same people who claim to be about peace and world harmony practice isolationism and hatred on a daily basis. They deface, degrade, demoralize and vandalize. They call for blood of those who oppose them. They shout slogans of death. Their impractical push for peace at all costs has turned them into vile, treacherous creatures who have lost all sense of common decency. They are to be pitied, for they are so blinded by their misplaced rage and fear that they no longer know what they stand for or how to make a stand at all. They are lost and a lost cause.


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And the other thing they all have in common: The easy accusation of "nazi" to anyone with which they disagree.

That's an awfully large tar brush you're using there. It's colouring a very wide cross-section of people unfortunately...

Don't fall into the trap of demonising a whole school of thought on the actions of the few.

That'd be like the customer at my bar who wanted all muslims killed in revenge for 9/11. Unfortunately, our demons cannot be classified under a single banner. But that's life. It's a pesky spectrum of divergence and individuality, unfortunately, and narrow-mindedness always ends up making the bearer look foolish, or, worse, dangerous...

There are hundreds of thousands of British, Scottish, Canadian, and American dead buried in France from two separate world wars, and for what? For this? I think not.

Those that have desecrated this most hallowed ground are beyond redemption, and as much as what they have done both sickens and saddens me, I am heartened by one prospect alone: the fact that this gives proof to the rot that lied at the core of French society. Chirac and the rest of the weasels in the fifth republic have finally been rewarded with the society they so richly deserve; indolent, petulant, duplicitous, arrogant and violent.

Add to that the fact that the demographics of modern Europe dictate it is but a matter of time, fifteen or twenty years at most, and the arab/islamists population will be so powerful that the native French, facing the prospect of minority status, shall find their own Milosvic or Mugabe. When that time comes we shall be quite busy minding our own business as will our English cousins I am sure.

"Over the years, the United States has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. The only land we have ever asked for in return is enough to bury those who did not return." Colin Powell

Never again to shed blood for France, that must be our solemn vow. Let them choke upon the bile they've spewed so relentlessly, let them feast upon the bitter fruits of their treachery, let them rot in hell but not a single drop of blood shall the Anglosphere shed for the French again.

Crimson, 1/3 of French citizens want Saddam and Iraq to defeat the United States. That's not anti-war and it's not just a 'few' people. That's 33% of their population who want to see a murderous thug like Saddam Hussein defeat the United States.

Actually Cow, I agree with what your trying to say I just don't think it applies in this case.

FWIW I work with several people who've emigrated to the U.S. from various parts of the ME and I've always been very solicitous of them. They live here now, and they're just as American as the rest of us (or US if you will) and it really chaps my ass to hear some schmuck talk about "greasing ragheads" and the like, because that person is usually talking out their ass. This is different.

The fifth republic has been built around the concept of maintaining French power and influence at any cost, even that of longstanding alliances and friendships. The French people are not all in agreement with this, but those that disagree are a definite minority. According to the latest polls 80% of the French hate our government, one third of the French populous want Saddam to win, I'm quite comfortable calling that 80% a bunch of worthless, turd munching, Francofascists - especially since they tell me that they hate me.

So no more. Give France what it wants, treat it like a rival power. No more favourable treatment, no more alliances, no more blood or sweat for France. Let them reap what they have sown.

The brush she paints with is no broader than the one the anti-war movement uses to paint all those who disagree with them.

My father, Eugene A. Hoffman, flew thirty- one missions against the Nazis as the pilot of a B-24 Bomber(93rd bomb-group, Hardwick). He was nearly shot down over France on four missions. He just turned eighty-two, and feels like going over and bombing the Frogs.

This behavior of the French is simply par for the course, unfortunately. They just believe that they are so much more politically sophisticated than us silly Americans. However, in the over two hundred years that the US has existed, we have had the same continuous constitution and form of government. During that same period, the French have had; Five Republics, two Kingdoms, two French dictatorships, and a Nazi puppet regime. Some sophistication.

I'm anti-war and completely disagree with the painting of ALL anti-war people as being asshats. I am 100% behind our troops (Hell, I advertised TroopTrax) AND attended an anti-war rally. shudder Not everything and everyone is as cut and paste as people think, and it would be a lot duller if they were.


Have you ever heard the following saying?

If you lay with dogs you catch fleas.


Guilt by Association

Not that I am saying you are like the freaks that did this. Some of us wonder about some people that go to anti-war (Pro-Saddam) protests, are they really innocent and pure of heart or more useful idiots.

And they can't even spell Saddam correctly. They're wrong on so many levels, it staggers the imagination.

Being anti-war and "Pro-Saddam" are two entirely different things. You shouldn't listen to the few nitwits that get on public radio and spew nonsense. The people I spoke with at the rally were very much against the war, but were in support of their troops. I love the US, there's nowhere else I'd rather live, I just don't agree with the way we're currently handling Iraq. Having this opinion is one of the freedoms that makes this country so wonderful. Do I think Saddam is a nice guy? Absolutely not, I think he's an evil fuckwit. Do I think that we should be there at this moment, no I don't, but we are, so I support the troops but dislike the war and attended a rally to throw my small voice into the wind. There are definitely a lot of anti-war morons, but there's a lot of "your speech is treason and you hate this country you commie" people too.

If you attend one of these anti- war demonstrations, you need to find out who is organizing it. The radicals that you claim to differ from are the very ones that are organizing these things. By attending those marches you are supporting their cause.

One thing seems fundamentally different in comparing the two hatreds...

An American wishing all muslims dead after 9/11: The attackers committed the act in the name of Islam against Americans. If not a universal sentiment among muslims, at least it was widely celebrated in the streets of many Islamic nations.

An Frenchman wishing Americans defeat: The Americans gave THEIR lives to help free France in both world wars and provide aid through-out the cold war. American lives were lost on French soil, to liberate French citizens.

Why is it in both situations, it is the Americans who have suffered the loss of life?

and just think, if the Allies hadn't succeeded, that desecration would have been written in German. my, how memories fail us.


James said it best.

Being anti-war is the same thing as being Pro-Saddam, You might not understand that but it is. Being anti-wat means you would rather keep/have Saddam in power than go to war to get himout of power. Simple as that. Those of us that our Pro-Iraq Freedom DO NOT LIKE WAR but understand the necessity of it.

PS to Bobby V - AS an AMerican I DO NOT want ALL Muslims dead. Just the ones that planned and carried 9/11 off. Also, the ones that harbor and help all terrorist.

DenBeste had the best take on this yesterday at USS Clueless. To sum up: The froggies resent the graves of those from the "anglosphere" on their soil because those graves are a powerful reminder that - in spite of all of the tripe about France still being an important global power - they've needed the English-speaking world to bail their asses out not once but twice (and thrice, if you count the Cold War, which I do). He also points to the lack of froggie burial grounds on the soil of any English-speaking nation's soil. And before you (you know who you are) point out Lafayette, he spells out that no Anglo nation has needed the help of the French for its defense in the last TWO HUNDRED YEARS.

We're seeing a culture of rage similar to (maybe only second to) the Arab world...Oops, looks like the French (and old Europe as a whole) are playing second fiddle yet again.

These jackasses look like they're going to resent us for the free ride that we've given them on defense for the long haul, so maybe we should do like my libertoid Uncle suggests and pull our troops out of Western Europe. Maybe relocate to somewhere like Poland, whose SF guys are on the ground with us...

The boys in the ground in Normandy and elsewhere can rest assured that they were "good men," but it's sad to think that sixty years hence they have been so betrayed by ingrates like these.

May they rot in hell. Fuck the protesters. Fuck'em. They take the rights that their grandfathers fought for and rape it for all its worth. There comes a time when one must draw the line and listen no more....this time has come.. I would shed no tear for their demise. They have crossed the line. Freedom of speech does not protect one from the consequences of the strong. The weak think of excuses...the strong fix the problem.

death to france (small case on purpose)

I went back and read it to be sure it was true. My blood boiled. The rage that has grown inside me has reached its peak. I have received emails telling me I have no grasp on world affairs. I have taken heat from some of my friends for my stance on this conflict. Here is the line____________________ We are on this side. Sometimes the most complex of argument can be decided by what side of the line you are on. In my world there is black or white. What color are you? Their is no grey in my world.

I went back and read it to be sure it was true. My blood boiled. The rage that has grown inside me has reached its peak. I have received emails telling me I have no grasp on world affairs. I have taken heat from some of my friends for my stance on this conflict. Here is the line____________________ We are on this side. Sometimes the most complex of argument can be decided by what side of the line you are on. In my world there is black or white. What color are you? Their is no grey in my world.

Incredible. I've been looking out, actually, for anti-war statements in the Japanese media from the hibakusha who survived the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Their organization did issue a statement a few months ago--and do you wonder?--asking that the US refrain from using atomic weapons on Iraq. But it was done with real gravitas. And the idea that people would deface one of the US or British Commonwealth WWII memorials in Yokohama, say, is hard for me to imagine. And we were their enemy. You don't have to believe that the entire French population consists of anti-American zealots to think that the government should be trying to muster a bit more sincere-sounding indignation in its official statements against this sort of thing.

"Being anti-war is the same thing as being Pro-Saddam"

Wow, that is one quote that scares the Hell out of me. I don't plan on arguing my points, but I disagree with the sentiments of this thread completely. Have fun with your war.

Being anti-war does not mean being pro-Saddam in most instances.

The views of the commenters do not necessarily reflect the views of mgt.

Actually theleftbrain, when the Germans were in France in WWII they took good care of the commonwealth war graves. Most of the senior officers had fought those men and respected them (I know...Ironic)
As for pro-peace being pro-Saddam, then what's your answer to his regime? I think the actions of the Fedayeen has shown they would not have released power quietly. If we withdraw, how do we prevent massacres in the south? If we wait fifty years for Uday to die, that consigns tens of thousands to the rape rooms and the torture chambers and the shredder.
This war prevents that, the "peace" movement doesn't.

Hey, Scott.
It's true. Being anti-war means being pro-Saddaam.
No war.... Saddaam survives.
Thus, opposing war means Saddaam survives.
You may go on about more inspections, or forced inspections, as alternatives, but you and everybody else know they won't work.
Or you could believe the Iraqis need ten or twenty more years until Saddaam dies of old age and his kids of some well-deserved terrible disease.
It's amazing to see what you want the Iraqis to suffer as a price for not wanting the US (or Bush) triumph.
But, hell. They're only Wogs.

actually, michele uses a very fine brush to paint her point

'anti-war' and anti-america' people are not--despite their claims--a huge group of people. Further, while they may protest being lumped in with the 'peace-at-any-price' crowd's actions--they ARE the people that make up that 'crowd', and, however they might not like the messages escaping from some of their number, unless they cease being part of that number, michele has painted them quite accurately.

Until you finally wake up and see that maybe, just maybe, these means don't justify--or even lead to-- the ends you're seeking you, all the anti-war and anti-america 'crowd' tar yourselves with the same brush

Am I the only one who noticed that the vandals can't even vandalize properly and painted the Swastika backwards?

Sgt. Francis P. Ford of the 134th Infantry, 35th Division, Third Army lies here:


along with 10.488 other Americans who FREED YOUR FUCKING SHITHOLE COUNTRY!

Sure vanadalism is bad. But so is shooting up a van full of Iraqis. I think the lesser charge should go to the vandals.

No Blood For France

The logical thoughtprocess of Richard Aubrey seems at about the level of a 6 yr old.
No war = saddam stays
Dont supprt war = support Saddam

This is too staggeringly stupid for words. Let's take the people that despise Hussein, yet fear Bush and American hegemony even more. Or perhaps the hippies who believe in peace overcoming all. Whatever the validity of these people's views, the only thing they prove by their existence is the stupidity of Richard Aubrey.

Chip, you assnugget, youir comment is so stupid it's not even worth a reply.

Those who oppose the war may want to go over to www.truthlaidbear.com. The bear has asked a simple question: "If your were President, specifically what would you do? There is a paucity of answers so far.

Normally Chip Tijuana I let your witless dribblings slide but this is just too moronic to be allowed to pass uncontested.

Let's compare, shall we? A series of car bombs and terrorist attacks are aimed at coalition forces in Iraq. The Fedayeen Saddam are known to wear civilian clothes and fake surrendering to attack coalition forces. The Iraqi government promises more of the same in hopes of killing coalition forces. A van full of women and children run a military check point set up to protect coalition forces from attack and they get shot up. Tragic, but understandable.

A group of Francofascist cheese eating assmonkies deface a memorial to the honoured dead who helped liberate their homeland in two world wars. That's not tragic, that's reprehensible premeditated thuggery.

The first, while tragic, is not an unexpected consequence of war. The second is a thuggish act of vandalism caused by a group of morally crippled malcontents who hate the fact that they have no other way to hurt us.

You Chip, by siding with the Francofascists, have embraced the lowest forms of thuggery and are now one with the cheese eating assmonkies. Now please quietly contemplate your irrelevance and go away, jackass.

Try to understand these poor misguided people. It must be hell for them to stand and fight common sense every day of their miserable existance.

Hey Nothus, I simply said that vandalism isn't as bad as killing. So instead of whining and crying and bitching about some spray paint, maybe you might want to spend your time trying to find out why these people decided to do what they did. Every time I come here I see so many one sided arguments. Why don't you war hawks take some time to look at the big picture, not the scrubbed news you get from CNN or other right wing government friendly media sources.
It was a pretty shitty thing to do, vandalising a cemetary, but in comparison with the illegal invasion of a piss poor nation and the mass slaughter of thousands of it's citizens, it's a pretty minor offence.

I was wrong, Chip has earned promotion to asshelmet.

Chip, I really don't give a flying fuck about why some reactionary leftists vandalized a sacred spot in their country.

Do you get it?


Go to my earlier post with the link to the Lorraine American Cemetary, and contemplate the row after row after row of white marble markers, each representing another American life sacrificed to set this nation of reprobates free from one of the worst tyrannies in history.

Chip smiles everytime Saddam shreds people.

I can never understand why pro-war people who write on this site always resort to calling other members names when they feel that their argument is the superior one. Differences of opinion is NOT the end of the fucking World. Get over yourselves and get a fucking hobby.

Good for you monkeypants. You go and look at those white marble grave markers, and then you go and look at other markers which represent millions of men from other countries across the globe. Then you sit back and realize that they fought for freedom, they fought a tyrant. Then realize that the war in Iraq is being fought by two tyrants. Realize that the 40+ coalition of the willing is comprised of many dictatorships which are just as ruthless as Saddams, realize that the Coalition forces are comprised of Americans, British, a few Aussies, and maybe a Spainard or two. Realize that the inhabitants of those "willing" countries don't support this war. And then realize that there will be more grave markers, more dead Americans, most of which will be the result of "friendly fire" or accidents. And realize that they all died not for freedoom, not in self defense, but in an invasion. They died for an arrogant, illiterate, deserter. They died for billion dollar government contracts, and to provide a veil to screen Bushco's shitty domestic record.
Most of all, realize that they're dead. That they will never see their kids grow, that their parents out lived them, and that their sacrifice did not help secure americas shores against an invading army, nor did it, or will it, take away from any possible terrorist action. Everyone who dies in this war dies for injustice, imperialism, and the all mighty dollar.

Still no response, if being anti-war doesn't mean pro-saddam, than how do you get him out of power?
All I hear about is fighting WMD with inspections, no help to the Iraqi peolpe.
Diplomacy- no help to the Iraqi people.

Fine, you think he's evil, think war is the wrong solution. So come up with a better one, and please be quick, the shredders are still running.

"Everyone who dies in this war dies for injustice, imperialism, and the all mighty dollar."

God is this leftist cant getting tiring. I've been hearing it since the 60's and it hasn't changed an iota. Get it through your brains. You lost. There will be no glorious socialist revolution when the worker is happy to shop at Walmart and is more ore less happy with his Western life. Now you have decended to defending barbarous regimes which use rape and murder to keep in power. Oh, but BU$h is just as bad, you say.
I doubt you people even believe your own rhetoric.
I also assume that you brave souls protested when Clinton was bombing the crap out of Serbia. What UN resolution authorized that action?
You are sickening.

Hey Chip Assmonkey,

I'm not whining and crying about anything. The people who died, unfortunate. Killing people, not always a good thing that's true. desecrating a grave site is a tad more than vandalism you morally bankrupt cretinous ass munching fucktard, but I digress. Pray tell, why should I give a rats ass that they lack the common civil upbringing to NOT desecrate a gravesite set aside to honour those who died trying to save their own fucking shithole of a country?

Mass slaughter of thousands of civilians? And what it we went home now - how many hundreds of thousands would Saddam slaughter in revenge? Big Picture? One sided? CNN is RIGHT WING and PRO GOVERNMENT? ARRGH! You fucking ignorant vacuous prick. Get the fuck off this planet now and stop breathing the same air as the rest of US! NOW DAMN IT!

You and all the rest of the clueless fucking root-cause asshatted "why do they hate us?" morally bankrupt navel gazing moronic murder enabling tunnel-vision single issue anti-globo ANSWER lackey cause-heads can eat my shit and fucking die! Jeezus on a cracker, amen and fucking hallelujiah good bye!

Shit, and I just wore out a perfectly good clue-bat on a waste of DNA like you too.

I'm sure somewhere in all the name calling you've got a point Nothus. Unfortunately it's too simple minded to be recognized as any form of counter point to my statement. Maybe, just maybe, if you would spend less time trying to think of creative insults, you might get a clue as what you're talking about.
I don't agree with vandalising grave sites, I don't agree with Saddams regime, but I also don't agree with going to war over it.
To address what seemed to be your points - "Killing people..not always a good thing..." Uh, duh. NEVER a good thing. But I'm saying this to an american I'm sure. A card carrying member of the NRA, death penalty supporting, anti-abortionist, probably texas born american. So my anti-murder statement is wasted.
Your second point "hundreds of thousands Saddam butchers in revenge..." What? Do you seriously believe the shit you see on american news stations? Or believe the crap you hear from Iraqi ex-patriates? "Oday has a killing centre in the local day care centre, so you better bomb it. Thanks for my welfare cheque, I'll see you next month with some more information about Saddam's regime" There would be no need for "revenge" if the bloody cowboy wannabe american government would just buy some fucking tact.
Oh well, keep on shopping at Wal-mart, close your eyes to the world and sleep like a baby knowing your family isn't being bombed by some button pushing nerd on an aircraft carrier.

USSR : 21,000,000 victims (10% of russian people)
POLAND : 5,420,000 (15%)
GERMANY : 7,000,000 (12%)
JAPAN : 3,000,000 (4%)
FRANCE : 600,000 (1,5 )

U.K : 388,000 (0.8 )
USA : 300,000 (0,2 %)
We have to respect ALL these victims.

Chip, you are a living, breathing billboard for the total cluelessness of the reactionary left.

There is only one tyrant in this fight: Saddam, and one duly elected leader of a free nation, President Bush.


How did you come to hate the United States so?



First, you left out the Chinese, who lost something on the order of 10-20 million, easy (especially since they were at war, beginning in 1937).

Second, you lump Axis and Allies together, and call them all "victims." I'm sorry, but a guard at Dachau who was killed while serving in SS Totenkopf is NOT a victim. A member of the Japanese Imperial Guard division, who bayoneted his way through 20 or so Chinese peasants in Nanjing, is not a victim.

Equating the two is an insult to those who died in the cause of freedom and stopping fascism.

---sleep like a baby knowing your family isn't being bombed by some button pushing nerd on an aircraft carrier.

No just being killed by an Islamofascist with boxcutters who then flys the plane he hijacked into the WTC.

Obviously Chip is Canadian or European from the way he spelled check. He probably got his Anti-American bias from his mothers milk. Well guess what Chip. We Americans are going to keep on doing what we are doing and there isn't a think you can do about it. So bitch, whine and moan all you want, but realize this: If your country or anybody elses fucks with us, they'll be getting the Iraq treatment as well. We aren't going to take the shit any more.

I don't agree with vandalising grave sites, I don't agree with Saddams regime, but I also don't agree with going to war over it.

So you agree with leaving biggest mass murderer of the middle east in power. This is a man who gasses, tortures, rapes, and mutilates his people to maintain control. A man who feeds his political opponents and any who dare oppose him into a shredding machine and literally turns them into fish food. Because that's what you're saying. Twelve years of sanctions didn't work. Partitioning his country didn't work. Reasoning with him didn't work and attempting to utilize the international community was a total fucking failure. But that's OK in your book, as long as there's no war right? So answer this - WHY?

Why is war so bad if it removes a tyrant as evil as Saddam from power? Are you under some delusion that an absence of war means no one will die? Because that's just plain wrong. An absence of war means that only the innocent Iraqi population need die. At last count Saddam was killing about 60,000 of his own people a year - but that's OK 'cause at least they didn't die in an evils nasty WAR that might have given them some hope for a better future, is that it Chip?

Killing is NEVER a good thing? Oh, btw - I loved the rest of that descriptive screed you dickless fuckwit - fairly accurate for you too Chip, one out of four (I support the death penalty). But let me ask you this, if there's a homicidal maniac and he has a busload of children and nuns that he's holding at gunpoint and you can kill him with one squeeze of the trigger saving all of them - do you? Or do you stick to your "principles" and say no to killing him and let them die? I already know the answer Chip, gutless fucks like you let them die.

See, you cleared it all up for me in that last bit of bullshit Chip - you think Saddam is some misunderstood little angel and we big bad 'Mericuns can't wait to bully him. sigh I don't need to argue with you any more Chip, you've finally shown your true colours. You empathize with the Saddam's of the world and the Al Quaeda terrorists, and anyone else who hates America because just like those Francofascists they're doing what little they can to hurt us and that makes you feel good about the pathetic life you lead up in canuckistan.

Well enjoy Chip, but not for much longer. Eventually each little dictator will fall before the hedgemon and fuckwits like you will have to accept living at the grace of our patience and surviving on the crumbs we leave you...just don't annoy us too much. Remember Chip, no teeth while you're sucking that big 'Mericun dick - it'll just piss us off and we might have to come and invade your useless fucking country and cornhole your ass.


rosbeefs? man, i thought it said "roastbeefs" for a second... that's it... i'm making dinner now.

For the peacniks: "I am against the war, but I support the troops" is a total copout. You don't know what support the troops means. Your problem is that you see the eight years of gains you made slipping away and the American people have been awakened. Leftist crap won't buy it anymore. Half of your crowd are poor misled high school students who are still wet behind the ears and have no inkling what it is all about. You don't eiother, but that is beside the point. Just keep in mind that all those marble markers you see around the world are guys who made the ultimate sacrifice so you can pull this crap. As for the van: I suppose you are unaware that an Imam has said that the guy who drove the van had a choice. He either ran the checkpoint or his family would die. That is the usual threat from these meatheads. Sleep in your peack.


Saddam is a terrible leader so how do we get him out of power? What a scary question. The obvious logical conclusion of your train of thought is to invade Iraq. Then North Korea. Then Zimbabwe, Liberia, South Africa (for Mbeki's murderous Aids stance), China... and every other country you see oppression. Until the America is happy with the leadership of every nation in the world.
Of course this is what has been happening for decades anyway. But for America to be happy, the leader must be compliant (usually meaning a dictator) rather than good and loving to his people. Hence the US support for brutal oppressors like Suharto or Pinochet, and (whisper it) Saddam Hussein in the 80's - when he was compliant. Hence also the OVERTHROW of countless democratic regimes to INSTALL a dictator. None of this gets onto American media stations. How many yanks know of their country shooting down a passenger plane ON PURPOSE for no good reason in the 80's? Hardly any, cos it was only news in every country in the world EXCEPT america. Then we get you all crying "why dont people like us?", and making sites like this, to call people rude names and have a junior high-school level debate about who is tyhe biggest "asswipe".


I take it, then, that Jacques Chirac must have restless nights, since, by your lights, we'll be targeting him prominently. And Gerhard Schroeder, of course.

Did we topple Jorg Haider? Oh, sorry, that was the EU.

By the way, I assume you're referring to the Vincennes incident, and no, that was not a "deliberate" shoot-down, except insofar as shooting down any plane is "deliberate." It was a tragedy, a horrible accident. It was an incident where the captain of the vessel was relieved, iirc (and rightly so). But, like the tragedy w/ the van in Iraq, it occurred in a context where bad things could (and in this case DID) happen.

Hello guys

It is almost good for you. You can take the oil.





Be careful for what you wish. Maybe, just maybe, America will start withholding all our foreign aid (billions) and let you jealous, lazy socialists stew in your own shit.

So as I was reviewing the latest comments to this post, I hear this line on the radio from David Frum: "The French are always quick to leap to the aid of the victors".

Ouch. Mixed some tenses there. My grammar-nazi daughter would be livid.

Ken Summers
Please, stop to aid the world !


Cute website, Rebigil. Here's your top ten donors to the Republicans:
1 MBNA $3.0m
2 Philip Morris $2.9m
3 Microsoft Corp $2.4m
4 Bristol Myers Squibb $2.1m
5 Pfizer $1.9m
6 Enron $1.8m
7 Citigroup $1.8m
8 Time Warner/AOL $1.6m
9 Amway $1.3m
10 Glaxo SmithKline $1.3m

Now, Here are the top ten of all donors from 1989 through 2001:
1 American Fedn of State, County & Municipal Employees $33,505,808 (99% Dem, 0% Repub)
2 National Education Assn $22,316,388 (90% Dem, 9% Repub)
3 National Assn of Realtors $22,051,221 (46% Dem, 53% Repub)
4 Assn of Trial Lawyers of America $21,488,517 (91% Dem, 8% Repub)
5 Philip Morris $19,774,738 (23% Dem, 76% Repub)
6 Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers $19,673,959 (97% Dem, 2% Repub)
7 American Medical Assn $19,483,754 (39% Dem, 60% Repub)
8 Carpenters & Joiners Union $19,402,787 (91% Dem, 8% Repub)
9 Teamsters Union $19,392,815 (85% Dem, 14% Repub)
10 Communications Workers of America $19,157,928 (99% Dem, 0% Repub)

From Opensecrets.org

Note that only three of the top ten gave more to the Republicans. The Democrats picked up $167M to the Republicans' $47M. Looking at the top 100 donors, it was $612M Democrats to $418M Republicans.

Easy to tell which is the party of big donations.

Rendez-nous la statue de la liberté!


Look people, "I am againist the war". I'm tired of sending our young soldiers into harms way. Can't we just send a nuke to afghanistan, iraq, and anyother countries that support globel terror. Like each time you discuss iraq, you people always base it on germany and how its armies were also evil. Germans were not evil, they simple wanted to make a race that is superiors to all. Hitler may be a little crazy but he had a vision, the German Empire that would last a thousand years. But after 12years of his empire, his fantasy came to an end and so has his country. Look what I am saying is that Stop basing hitler and his armies too saddams armies. I am a pro-neo nazi and thinks that coalition forces are the invadors, not the saviors.

P.S. -If nazi germany, right now was struggling to stay alive from the coalition forces and its allies. I would be honor to fight for nazi germany and die for them instead of die for the coalition forces. I have more honor in the nazi swastika flag then I do for my own american flag.

Das IIIReich leben'dig ewig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The people that I think should be the rulers in this 21st century:
Alois Brunner
Adolf Eichmann
Gestapo Leader: Klaus Barbie
SS Doctor: Kurt Heissmeyer
Dr. Karl Brandt
Dr. Josef Mengele
Dr. Goebbels
Julius Streicher
ReichsFuhrer Himmler
-All those above, should be the rulers of Europe.

P.S. -Famous Quote: "The Christian cross is to be removed from all churches and cathedrals and is to be replaced by the immortal symbol of Germany, the Swastika."
Article XXX
German Church Regulation

What really gets my back up about the wrangling over the war is the way that France Germany and Russia wanted to stay out of it purely because they stood to loose money if a regime change took place. France in particular stinks, they pretend to abhor violence and injustice but want Saddam in power so that they don't lose their contracts in Iraq and they have the gall to invite and entertain a mass murderer and torturer like Mugabe to their country, making a mockery of UN rules regarding his right to travel in Europe. The UN has in my eyes lost all credibility, it reminds me of "The Life of Brian" where they have to vote on whether to have a meeting or not, they are just a bunch of self-serving procrastinators who like to spend as little time as possible acting as the more they sit on their asses the more they get paid.
Also, what is all the paranoia about Zionism about? A large majority of the Arab world has, it seems, a real bee in their bonnet about us infidels and Jihad. I couldn't care less what religion an individual chooses to practice so long as it causes no one harm. All the talk about holy war is just as arrogant as the bloodthirsty knights of the Crusades, the West by and large has the spiritual wisdom to say "live and let live, but don't try to force your beliefs on us and we won't do the same to you." What more can you ask for? At least we are not preaching a world-wide Christian state which Islamic extremists are.

Goodness! How twitchy Germany, France and Russia are after the Whitehouse suggested that they can aid post-Saddam Iraq by wiping out their debts! And a Russian official had the nerve to call them "occupation forces" that they "will not deal with". They shouldn't be throwing stones after their invasiov of Afganistan.
And I have to say, neo-nazi James, you are one sick puppy!

Bravo ! nice victory of freedom against dictator.
Now, let's go to free Tibet.....

-james, why don't you join the fascist terror machine withering away in Iraq? Why don't you fight for you socialist-fascist brother Saddam Hussein and his henchmen (and get slaughtered in the process)? After all, his bitch of a mother was a nazi agent during WWII and he looks up to him as a role model.

The true human beings of this world will find you and hunt you down like the pathetic, wimpering dog that you are, or should I say dogshit?

It is high time that all loving and compassionate people stand up to your morally corrupt beliefs and destroy you, your cronies, and what you represent.

We will cleanse the earth of the simmering filth that you stand for because the human race does not tolerate that, so that peace, harmony, and cooperation will reign supreme.

The people against white supremacy and neo-Nazi cults are gunning for you and your sick fucked-up friends. YOU BETTER WATCH YOUR BACK!!!!!!!

James deserves to burn in hell. it is you people that make me sick to my stomach that i am german