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good news

By now you all know that an American P.O.W., Jessica Lynch, has been rescued. That is the best news I've heard in a while. I can imagine her family must be overjoyed.

And now, if you allow me this small moment of gratuitous back-slapping, Command Post broke the story first.

I'd also like to point out that CENTCOM handled this announcement horribly.


Good news.

Y'know, we couldn't get a cable or regular news channel with good enough updates on it -- went there -- and DID get the story first!

Just wondering...if a Colunbia University professor were captured (say, by the VWRC) and was going to be tortured to death....would the other CU professors risk their lives in an expedition to go save him?

I believe the announcement was just fine. Justs the facts as they saw fit. Fine by me. Was more than thrilled with the news, the details that follow (ed) will be icing on the cake. YAY for Jessica, her family, and her comrades.

Ha! Good anology David Foster. No one could have said it better. Cheers