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Stop! Go back!

Let's just put the tanks in reverse and bring the boys home. Say we're sorry and ask for forgiveness. It'll be a lot easier than playing it out. This war is just plain wrong.
Dave Winer, idiot savant.

The above words are probably the stupidest thing ever uttered anywhere in the world about this current war, including anything said by Ted Rall.

Take it away, Andrea.


Jessica Lynch, POW is free! See Fox

How can somebody so smart be so incredibly stupid?

What about Winer's fatuous nostrum merits the "savant" qualifier? Pull out now and watch the worst butchery of unarmed civilians since the Khmer Rouge emptied out Phnom Penh.

No - go in. Kill Saddam, his filthy progeny, lackeys and anyone who stands in the way. Peace through victory.

Intelligence is a tool, not a goal, Dave. If you leave it in the box, it does you very little good. It's not enough to own a wrench; you have to apply it to the bolt if you want to turn it.

Whatever his attainments in his field might be, Mr. Winer is not using his rational wrench on this bolt called Iraq. What other tool he might have chosen to employ in its place, I can't say, but the bolt is plainly not turning.

There is a fine line between intelligent and total fucking assmunching gasbag. I believe Monsieur Winer has crossed that line.

I still maintain there's a significant consonant missing from that guy's last name...

(*psst...it's an "h")

I disagree.
I think the stupidest thing I've heard is
a) House passing resolution for a National Day Of Prayer And Fasting
b) asking the troops in Iraq to pray for Bush

but that IS pretty stupid.

Re: dave winer,

I wrote him off as a blithering idiot after 9/11, when he, in a flash of blinding inspiration, decided that to donate his cash to the "palestinian red crescent" was somehow a noble move. Yeah, that's right dave. Get off my cloud.

Well, Sylvain, I guess we know where your priorities lie. At least the House was doing something that -- however much you and I might think it a waste of time and taxpayer's money -- a large number of Americans might agree with (whether you like that fact or not). Also the House resolution was a fluff move, utterly harmless except to oversensitive anti-Xtians who get ulcers at the merest mention of their least-loved faith. And the request of some individual religious organization to pray for the president is also a totally harmless request.

But Winer actually proposed -- seriously, not at April Fools' joke, since he wrote it on March 28th -- that the troops go into retreat -- across an entire country, whose population will surely completely turn against them at such a move -- for no reason whatsoever except for the fact that he, Dave Winer, disapproves of war. Don't even try to tell me that this is no more harmful that being asked to pray.

"idiot savant" implies that he's generally dim, yet staggeringly talented at one particular thing. i have to wonder what that one thing would be...

Reading about Winer on another blog is what brought me here. I'm glad it did. I will be back!