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on the question of the empire

To everyone who offered to be a scantily clad slave girl: please send photos.

Everyone else, you can be whatever you want but it will cost $100 in registration fees.

My empire, my rules. Now cough up or get out.

the registration fee also pays for your very own slave girl/man, all of whom are over 21 years of age and were stolen from the contortionist school on the next island


Every emperor (or emperess) has a food taster- just in case someone tries to poison them. But I'm thinking that's not enough security. Can I be the scantily clad slave girl taster?

Forget about it Dave. I'm all over that job.

I don't think you'd want to see me scantily clad, however... I don't have the 100 bucks to register. You should have specified "gorgeous and scantily clad."


No way dude. I called it.

Can I be the drug czar? Not the "just say no" kind, natch: I'm thinking more along the lines of "How much do you want?"


Um, does my generous donation to Troop Trax count? It was at least the registration fee, and I've still got the thank-you note to prove it. I'd kill to be the Official Keeper of the Imperial Rats. I already have the rats and everything, and they've already beat up a beagle.

Ave Nos Regina et Imperatrix!

The check is in the mail.

BTW, any thought to our motto, theme song, flag, colours and upon which weak sister-blog (or blogs) we shall declare our completely illegal and wholly unwarranted war of imperialistic aggression?

Oooh! Oooh! And can I be the first to violate the something?

I like empires.


While you've been working on this, I've declared a revolution for Burkina Faso. We have no imperial designs, we just want everything that belongs to us. Is that so wrong?

I guess I just want to prove that I can be just as revolting as the next guy.

If you're going to be an empire, you need to act imperial. From http://www.just2good.co.uk/latin.htm:

Recidite, plebes! Gero rem imperialem!
(Stand aside, plebians! I am on imperial business!)

You've seen my naked pictures already. Ah, to be a slave for Michele and lounge about in slave outfits instead of sitting at my boring job.

Yeah, come to think of it, you saw my rack, too. But, hey, if you want another photo I'll be glad to get thoroughly drunk and let Hubby take a few.

Hey, will ya take a check? I seem to have left my ATM card back at home...

As First Executioner, ex mea sententia of course, there are but two requirements of all slave girls:

1 - A nice rack

2 - See number 1.

From what I've seen the slave girl called Kymberlie would satisfy both requirements. Plus her bootie's pretty damn fine too.

Nothus Sanguinarius
Principale Carnificium Imperatrix