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give him enough rope

In trying loosen himself from the noose he fashioned around his own neck, Columbia University Professor Nicholas De Genova only served to tighten that rope further when he clarified his earlier statement by saying that he meant America should suffer another Vietnam.

In his latest remarks, Assistant Professor Nicholas De Genova said he believes that ultimately what has to happen in Iraq is "more like another Vietnam."

"Vietnam was a stunning defeat for U.S. imperialism," he declared in a letter to the editor of the Columbia Daily Spectator.

He'll be swaying in the wind before long.


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"Vietnam was a stunning defeat for U.S. imperialism," he declared in a letter to the editor of the Columbia Daily Spectator.

Well it was. Where's the controversy on this?

The fact, JG, that he's actively calling for it to happen again.

Is it sedition? No.
Is it treason? No.
Does it make him an asshole? Yes.

And imperialism??? Give me a fucking break. How many countries make up the American Bloc? What's that? None, you say?

You know, they make other hats besides those of ass...

Versace has a stunning new collection of tinfoil hats this season, Seki. We could make some serious money on the knockoffs.

Oh, can't you just see it...decorated with ostrich feathers to commemorate the grand tradition of sticking their heads into the sand so as not to see things as they really are.

Dahling, we'll be the toast of the fashion world.

Let's see... we hold the countryside, rule the night, and are forcing Iraq to slowly loosen its grip on the cities through attrition...

He's RIGHT--it IS another Vietnam... :)

this website is cool


BTW, compare the eventual outcomes for states that were "victims" of American imperialism (e.g., South Korea) and those that "defeated" American "imperialism" (e.g., North Korea).

The more obtuse might argue that there's little difference between the two, but I'd venture that Taiwan, South Korea, and West Germany did far better by any metric (human rights, economic opportunity, chance not to be murdered randomly or systematically) than did their PRC, North Korea, East German counterparts.

Given this pattern, did North Vietnam win? Or did South Vietnam lose? Or, most likely, did all Vietnamese lose?

What gets me is the whole "imperial" thing, as if the United States is spreading out across the world and planting its flag in the butt crack of every world leader. If we were truly seeking and maintaining an empire, the Middle East would consist of the United States Arab Emirates, the American Protectorate of Libya, the Territory of Qatar, and Afghanistan would be our 51st state. Empire my ass.

What I want to know is, if this is an Empire, where are my comely slave girls? Nobody has any slave girls, nor is there a place to get any.

Stupid Empire....what a gyp....

jeez. meki is spreading like a virus.

They aren't referring to literal imperialism, but an American cultural/economic imperialism, which can hardly be denied. The question arises whether this is a bad thing, and as Dean has so wonderfull pointed out, it isn't. What is truley interesting about this, is that the same people who decry the loss of indiginous cultures to the Hollywood culture, fail to see the irony that the people of these countries come to the United States, willingly, and are able to maintain their cultural identity. What makes them think an Iraqi in Baghdad is likely to become more Americanized than the Iraqi living in New Jersey?

PETA will throw a fit over the ostrich feathers, but what the hell. I think it's a nice touch.

LOL! You know, they make other hats besides those of ass...

Fucking priceless, I couldn't have said it better myself Sekimori!

Yeah, the thing that makes me believe JG is your typical unrepentent tranzi marxist is crap like this. Folks like JG sound reasonable but they aren't. They went throught he cold war and saw no real difference between the U.S./NATO and the U.S.S.R/Warsaw Pact, hell a lot of them to this day think the wrong side won the cold war!

That's why when little fucks like de Genova get up and start spewing their warmed over commie propaganda with its mandatory references to American Imperialism, Anti-Globalization, Root Causes and "Why do they hate us?" - all delivered in that nasally whine guaranteed to set off the dog - I just want to puke.

But what really boggles the mind, seemingly reasonable guys like JG saying "Where's the controversy on this?" There is not enough time in the world to explain how pig-ignorant that statement is.

It is kind of funny that someone who is intelligent enough to teach at the university level can't seem to get his foot out of his mouth. I mean really "clarified his earlier statement"? If he had brain one he would formulate a cognizant opinion before spewing it out to the ever-hungry press.

Don't give him any rope. Buy him one-way ticket to Baghdad instead. (Or Paris, he may like it there these days.)