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bad omen

So this is the way it's gonna be.


At least they didn't blow the friggin' game in the bottom of the ninth to Tampa friggin' Bay. Um, I mean... yay. Go home team.

Eh. At least they didn't get blown away 10-1 -- in the first game in a new ballpark.

I got Buc Fever - a 10-1 whompin' in the new ballyard helps too

Well, there's another $100-gazillion wasted! Maybe he should have trained more and partied less.

New York...where good athletes go to suck--and get injured! (Hello...Rangers?!)

Shame. I was looking forward to humiliating him in the World Series.

I should have expected that an avowed atheist would be a fan of the godless New York Yankees. Or the Chicago Cubs. What's next Michele? Communism and kiddie pr0n?

Since my team is going to suck again, I'm going to take pleasure in the suffering of others.

Can Roger Clemens be next?

Muahahahahaha! Our eeevil plot takes shape! With out Derek Jeter, nothing can stand in the way of the Colorado Rockies and the World Series!

Except for themselves.
Why must they suck so consistently?

Allez Yankees! L'equippe favorite de France! Allez Yankees! Allez Saddam! Avec grand courage, nous peut survivez les smarte-bombs de Pedro Martinez.

Je pense.