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one one hand there's my kids and on the other, there's this silo in Iraq...

Not for nothing, but a 55 year old woman is really not quite efficient to guard a grain silo from a bomber.

I just know that if I was the child of a woman who went off to Iraq to guard our enemy's storage bins against certain destruction and my mother said she was prepared to die for the anti-war cause, I would say something like "Wow, what an idiotic and self-centered mother I have." And then I would say "Where's that good china you had in storage because I would love to take it before my sister tries to lay claim to it after you're dead."

But that's just me.


Reminds me of a comic strip I have taped to my mirror--

Tourists reading a sign that says:

"Welcome to the Darwinian Gene Pool Preserve. Please feel free to lean way over the fence and hand feed the carnivores."

In the background are two bears smiling and waving with cameras around their necks.

What's amazing about these people is their self-centeredness. I guess they really think the targeting staff will be saying "well, we really need to knock out this Republican Guard ammo facility, but there's some Australian woman next door at the grain elevator, so maybe..."

Some of them seem to think that we won't bomb anyone that's "white." They should go ask some Germans about that...also, they should remember that the targetting officer may well not be white herself..

AimeeC: LOL

I though Michele's entry was amusing too.

"prepared to die for the anti-war cause"

[sigh] They keep promising but they never deliver ('cept for Rachel Corrie, of course).