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Arnett update

There are reports (as of yet no link) that Peter Arnett has been fired by NBC and National Geographic.

Which is interesting considering last night NBC had this to say about Arnett:

NBC, in a statement Sunday, praised Arnett's "outstanding" reporting from Iraq and said he was trying nothing more than to give an analytical response to an interviewer's questions.

And today, he's gone, giving no credence to the reports that Arnett might have had a gun to his head or been under "duress" when he made the offending statements.

I'm sure Iraqi TV has an opening for him.


I was watching CNBC, and they cut in with a written statement from the company to say that Arnett has indeed been fired. They also said they're going to rerun some of his earlier comments made today on the Today Show.


the transcript
the link re the firing

Wow. I'm surprised as it did look like they were sticking by him just a bit ago.


BBC or Al-Jazeera might have jobs for him

I hope "Iraqi Pete" decides to stay in Baghdad anyway. It would be nice to see him win a Darwin Award. Did anyone pick him in the Amish Tech Support Dead Pool?

Heh...the military just gave Geraldo the boot for revealing sensitive troop movement information on live tv. dumbass. I wonder if Fox will fire him.

well, now Fox and Geraldo are saying msnbc and cnn made that up to smear him and he hasn't been booted. this is turning into a soap opera.

Damn! 'Fraid you're right, Dave. Jerry Rivera/Geraldo Springer wouldn't be missed at my house.

I think Geraldo is over there so he can do some sort of "Al Capone's Vault" on Saddam.

'Cept he might actually find some shit this time.

Just saw Seaman Jones on Fox. "Whazzup America?" God! I love those kids!

Arnett should be sent to live with his "Iraqi friends" permanently. His comments upon his return certainly do not indicate any gunu to the head theory.

Before spitting on Arnett you should think about his "crime", What is it what he did? He said what he thought to be right. And how handled this wonderful institution in this wonderful country of the freedom of speech it? No german newspaper at any time could have done it better and more obviously.

Is Arnett's behaviour so suprising considering that after the last war he went to France and was lofting absurd comments from there. The big question is why did they even bother hiring him in the first place. Those people responsible should be let go as their calculated gambit failed.

Lilli, we don't have government-controlled media here. NBC and Nat. Geo. are corporations, either privately-owned or publicly held. That means that they get to decide what gets printed or broadcast via their outlets--which they own--and what doesn't.

Clearly, the companies decided that retaining Arnett's services was not in their best interests. So they canned him. He's perfectly free to seek employment elsewhere, or to write Op-Eds, or to do anything else he feels like doing with his opinions.

"Free speech" has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Ian - Yeah, sure CNN, NBC, FOX news and all the others aren't state run media. And pigs fly. They may be privately owned, but they're still run by the government. They all spew the same Pentagon approved crap, and as this demonstrates, they won't hesitate to fire someone due to some gentle urging by the Bush Administration.

Reporters are supposed to report, not put their own thoughts and views into the report. I watch the news to hear it, not to hear what the reporter thinks about it.

I posted something about this just a minute ago Michele. :)

Lemme get this straight. Arnett gives an interview which he knew would be used for Iraqi propaganda (or else he's seriously naive or an idiot, which doesn't help his credentials as a correspondent exactly), government does nothing, he is fired by his employer. At least some on the left rush to his defense.

Geraldo working for the network the left loves to hate is apparently asked to leave by the government... the response is derision towards the network. This doesn't mean I disagree with their decision at all, the hypocrisy is just too easy to see. If Geraldo had been reporting from an anti-war position and been asked to leave because he gave away troop movements, what do you think the left's response would be?

"They may be privately owned, but they're still run by the government."

Uh okay, whatever bud. Say, perhaps you should listen in to some of the rants against the w.. I mean questions from people working for some of these networks at briefings sometime.

"they won't hesitate to fire someone due to some gentle urging by the Bush Administration."

Your evidence that the administration urged that Arnett be fired is welcome.

Chip, Please cite some sources for your state-run media conspiracy theories. I love consipiracy theories but it always amazes me how massive they can be without anyone being able to prove it. We're talking an entire, elected government controlling millions and millions of people through FoxNews, CNN, et al, and no one can point to the smoking gun. Wow, what a brilliant, mistake-free operation run by humans (or are they?) Get out of the Matrix, Chip.

Does anyone else think he looks like Peter Boyle playing Frankenstein's Monster in Young Frankenstein? Not really a slag, there, I just kept expecting Gene Wilder to pop out during that interview, and the two of them to launch into 'Puttin' On The Ritz'.

Before spitting on Arnett you should think about his "crime", What is it what he did?

He went on a Hussein-owned television network to tell the Iraqi people that the American war effort is crumbling and the Hussein regime is strong, disciplined, and popular. He also managed to hint that we only care about avoiding Iraqi fatalities because of "international" pressure.

He said what he thought to be right.

So did Mildred "Axis Sally" Gillars. She was still put on trial for treason, and spent 12 years in prison, on the basis of a single radio broadcast that aired on the eve of D-Day.

Freedom of speech does not, and never has, included the right to make propaganda broadcasts on behalf of nations we're at war with.

That movie's in my top ten all time, Kevin.

"Pardon me, boy, is this the Transylvania station?"

"Ja Ja. Track tventy nine. Zay, can I giff you a shine?"

Lilli, the naive act is getting old. Please.

Chip can't provide any proof of "government controlled media" because so far the tape recorder refuses to pick up the transmissions he gets in his fillings from the planet Zarkor, which is his source. It's a conspiracy to interfere, probably by the Blue Berets, or maybe the guys in the black helicopters.

Peter Arnett has already been hired by a tabloid, and will be staying in Iraq. Can't remember the name of the tabloid. It was announced on CNN.

Arnett and the Daily Mirror- a match made in hell. Daily Mirror have supported Saddam and still do and Arnett is among the his kind. What did NBC expect?

I have tin foil hats for all of you who think our media is controlled by the gov't. There is such a thing called being responsible for what one says. 1st Admentment protects one for what they say about the gov't. It does not protect one from a private business contract. Freedom of speech was not breeched.