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somewhere else you can find me

Speaking of news, I will be posting from time to time at Connie Du Toit's new blog Keeping the home fires burning because even though I write about media bias, I am still a pro-war, pro-troops American kind of gal.

We are a group of ordinary people who wanted to do something to make it easy for our troops to find out how the vast majority of people feel about them. This website provides links to many of the great things that are being done to support our troops. The contributors to this site are listed in the upper right of every page. None of us are professional journalists. We're just ordinary folks, doing what we can to make life a little better for our troops, the families of our troops, and other ordinary folks who want to be counted.

We are biased. We support our troops 100%. The people who post comments to this site share our bias.

I've disabled comments on this entry because I do not want anyone using this post to belittle Connie's great effort.