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let's play two

Baseball season has started.

It's snowing.

There's an ice warning for tomorrow morning.

This is not spring, damn it. Don't those evil gnomes in charge of the weather know that it's not supposed to snow after the first pitch is thrown?

Well, they're obviously not paying attention because baseball season has not only officially started, it's being blogged, so those weather gnomes in their weather pods can't tell me they didn't know. I know for a fact they have a DSL line over at the weather making palace.

Get on the ball, guys. Stop the snow, break out the flowers and tree buds, give me Bob Shepherd's voice and then I'll believe it's spring.

Although the season won't really start until a) Roger Clemens beans someone and b) I make a snide Red Sox comment to Solonor.

Is anyone still reading this blog? Did you all desert me for blog stock trading and war news? Would it help if I became an embedded reporter in other blogs and I could tell you what color underwear Jim Treacher wears and if Robyn is wearing a bra or not?

It's just been so....lonely here lately.

I brushed my teeth. I put on deodorant. You can come back, now!


You are still loved 8^) It's just so hard to go on normally under the present circumstances ya know. Things will be back to normal soon enough, trust me.

we were just in pittsburgh is all.

I just broke an Xbox controller, so I'm back.

If Roger Clemens beans someone and no one can watch it on their home televisions, is he still a gutless thug?

As a member of the Conservative Sect of the Holy Church of Baseball, I shall be fulfilling my duties on the Holiest Day of the Year by attending the game in person.

The pilgrimage will be difficult, as the devil hath sent forth his minions and they have closed down the middle lanes of the Triboro Bridge.

I've still been reading. Heck, I was so giddy when I saw the picture from the newspaper the other day about TroopTrax, I made a donation right then and there. Now I just have to mail you the books we've been gathering...

Spring? It was 80 deg here today [ducks]

I've been peeking in (thanks to Newzcrawler), but I've been busy putting together Solonor's Groovy Computer Baseball League, so I can get a baseball fix without having to resort to watching the Millionaire Loser Boys. There's still room for more teams... even for slimy Yankee fans.

I'm always here, lurking like a bad dream... or that pizza you ate the night before....

I threw 100 pitches of battting practice to my son yesterday. Its snowing today, we made do with going through my old baseball cards. Its very scary to watch a 9 year old pick a Johnny Bench card and go into a 5 minute monolouge on his career, then do the same thing with Bob Gibson, Yaz, Fred Lynn, and just about any other notable player I pulled out.

I'm here too. :) Gotta take those CDs off to Mailboxes tomorrow and see if I have to mortgage the house. ;)

I'm not reading you. Who are you again?

Feel free to embed yourself in my blog anytime, Michele ;)

We're sorry, please disgregard the last statement. Barry's blog experiencing...technical difficulties....

I was wondering what the bad smell was .. I tracked it to this site and then nothing.

Still reading ya!

We had our daughter in a cute Yankee cheerleader outfit today as a way to welcome Spring and baseball. Of course Spring started back in February for this area...

4git treacher
I only wanna know what color underwear YOU are wearing. Better still to know you aren't wearing any.

Still here, waiting for the gratuitous breast shots. What can I say, I'm old schoo'.

Still here -- I'll forgive the gratuitous Red Sox comments for boobage.