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ten second movie review

Death to Smoochy:

Interesting concept. Mostly, ill-conceived. It could have been a great, dark comedy. Instead it was just...dark.

Also, I think I broke out in hives at one point, which I am prone to do when I am feeling uncomfortable enough to cringe at something.

So Death to Smoochy gets the rating of 3 tablespoons of Benadryl out of 4, which means it was not as uncomfortably horrible as say, See Spot Run, but it was worse than Billy Madison.

I guess you would have to live inside my head to understand my movie reviews, which is why I don't do movie reviews very often.

Plus, there's not a lot of room in there and I don't think you would enjoy living there very much anyhow.

Yes, I am quite overtired, thank you for asking.


3 tablespoons of benadryl? i'm pretty sure that's lethal. that's like showgirls level. 'i'm a dancer!' where's my katana?

i wish i was awake. i'd leave more interesting comments.



Heh. I was just watching it on cinemax too. It had some funny scenes but I wouldn't call it great and I wouldn't call it awful. I've defiantly had to sit through worse.

A Small Victory Share Price Review:
05:23 30 Mar 2003 --- $ 22.19
05:27 30 Mar 2003 --- $ 44.38
05:27 30 Mar 2003 --- $ 5.13
05:28 30 Mar 2003 --- $ 3.85
05:41 30 Mar 2003 --- $ 3.86

Doh! The ASV Bubble burst!
I'll take some of that benadryl.....

I skipped that one myself... you might have been better off renting One Hour Photo, even though that one was pretty dark and weird too. Even better was Insomnia, if you still haven't seen that one.

Ahhh but what the hell do I know. I should be in bed anyway.

Half naked Ed Norton and just Ed Norton in general certainly kept the movie from being as awful as I swear it was trying to be. Be grateful you didn't make the mistake of pay per viewing it a few months ago like we did.

it is a fair


City Hall, San Francisco 3/28/23

I heart smoochy.

I liked "Smoochy." Dark, mean-spirited, cynical, foul-mouthed...and about kids' TV! What's not to like?

"Hey, you're the guys who build those children's hospitals!"

"Yeah, yeah...we've been known to add a brick or two."