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programming note

The usual Saturday morning/afternoon content portion of this blog has been pre-empted by life outside the house and the start of Little League season.

Enjoy your day and ASV will return tonight with the snide commentary, boobie shots, antagonistic war talk, troll baiting, nude pictures of Michael Moore and mindless drivel that you have come to expect.

Now get outside and enjoy the start of spring.

Also, if you have been looking for Davezilla the past day or so, please note that he is experiencing a major crisis of the Evil ISP sort and will be back eventually.


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i'm afraid i must kill you now. nothing personal. just because it's 33F here.

did you say boobie shots? can.not.wait.

> nude pictures of Michael Moore

The horror! The horror!

Wait, what kind of boobie shots exactly?

welcome every bdouy

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If you post any of Michael Moore's boobie shots, you will open your cookie jar only to find a rabid monkey the next day. :)

Two words that should make your stomach turn

Hairy Nipples...


Could you call me tonight on my cell and make sure that I have my top on when I dance on the bar? Thanks.

I must confess -- I HATE HIPPIES. I hate them, hate them, hate them. Damn no-goodniks. Argh. Thanks for listening.

Please post a warning before posting any naked MIchael Moore pics so I don't puke all over the keyboard, thanks.

Pictures of boobs will NOT make up for naked pics of Michael Moore. Are you trying to scare us away?