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what do you want to do tonight?

It's Friday. I've got the computer to myself.

What are you in the mood for?

UPDATE The Mother of All Headaches has stopped by for the evening. I'm going to try that thing they call sleep.

If it's war stuff you want, go hang out at Command-Post, which never sleeps.

If it's funny stuff you want (with some war thrown in) go read Treacher's postings for the past few days.

I think I slept with him in my dream last night. And Rick Leventhal was there.

Yea, I'm leaving.



Well find me a dwarf before I use your cat!

Same thing we try to do EVERY Friday night, Pinky.... Try to take over the WORLD!

I found out that Q-tips, Bic pens and Michelin tires are owned by French companies. Ick!
According to How To Buy American anyway.

Shit! L'Oreal!?? My roots are showing!

I'm in the mood to box Ted Rall and kick him in the nuts. Can I please?

You'd be my hero, Brent.

Beef Jerky. Step into my Slim Jim.

Arrrg... Mitchell Stephens on the O'Reilly Factor.
The news coverage is "too patriotic" and there are too many flags around, and the news says "our troops" too much, and Fox News is biased pro-war and NPR is objective.
Oh... wait... he's a prof at NYU. 'Nough said.

Sake! Oh, wait, I had that last night.

A little red snapper with red pepper sauce, globe artichokes dipped in mayo, white wine from New Zealand, and 6 HOURS OF STUDYING.

I'm nuts for it.

Kelly O'Donnell.

Oh! You said WHAT do you want to do tonight? Sorry.

I am currently in the mood to hate everything. Please fix that.

Now, when you say "sleep"...

Has anybody else gotten that Iraq Satellite Channel to work? I linked to the Slate page with instructions on resetting your proxy settings. The live stream only works if it thinks your computer is in the Netherlands. It's just been a black screen for most of the day, though. Did we bomb it?

I tried to get on. I got a wonky picture of some Iraqi guy, Then the screen went to green pixels, then black. Then it came back up for half a second and showed some lady in a burka on a stretcher or something -- I couldn't really tell because the screen went all to those big square pixels and then went black. And there was only intermittent choppy sound. It sure spells "bombed" to me.

Ugh. I woke up with a migraine. I hope your headache is gone, because, if not, I literally feel your pain.