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bitchslap ted rall, volume 10

Obviously, Armed Forces bashing is the flavor of the week.

click for larger picture. image swiped from the asshat's website

Then again, this is old hat for Rall. I don't think he's had a fresh idea since September 2001.

UPDATE: Well, holy fuck. It just gets worse by the minute.


Sheez, real original there ted. This has to be a first, offensive, unfunny, badly drawn and so lame its hard to even get pissed off over...is that like a new low for Ted or what?

I'd bitch slap the little turd but shit splatters and this is my last clean shirt.

Well, I choose to interpret his cartoon as a statement that the armed forces should be paid more. Thus, the asshat is foiled! :-)

Me, too, BeerM, and also that how amazing our troops are for fighting for Ted-types rights to BE ASSHATS for poverty level pay! What MEN!!!!!!!!!!!! GO TROOPS and may you all continue to be blessed and be rewarded for your honor.


Do NOT link to other stories like that. I've got to watch my blood pressue!!!

And do you every contact Ted by email? I'm curious to know what his responses would be.

Thanks Michelle, for providing an anti-Ted Rall forum. Geez, the guy is so over the top, that I couldn't even get pissed about his nonsense, when I first read his editorials, until I realized how much attention he was getting. It's amazing how dogmatic are the people who find fault with everything governmental, corporate, and military, and Rall seems to take great pleasure in feeding their paranoia. I was glad to find a widespread and healthy disgust with him in my web search tonight.

Concerning the war in Iraq and on the subject of war protesters, I'd like to quote a talk radio caller I heard today. The caller, identified himself as a Vietnam Vet, and asked why was it that the protesters who stopped Johnson's B-52 "carpet bombing" of Hanoi, made it possible for the North to regroup, and took credit for lives saved when we eventually pulled out from S. Vietnam, never take credit for the six million who died when the North took over the South? Do the anti-everything people ever admit that their actions have consequences, too?

I wonder if Ted Rall has any real compassion for the Iraqi people, or any oppressed people? Or, is he like a mediocre comedian, who consistently goes for the cheap, tasteless, or dirt joke? I don't see any signs he cares or any grand benefits resulting from the airing of his views.

Ted Rall is a disgusting publicity whore. The worst part is that to pay attention to him is to give him precisely what he wants: a forum for his vile propaganda. It's hard not to be enraged by his art and his words, but I think the best thing to do is to ignore him and hope that he dies a slow, painfully anonymous death.

See what a sacrifice these guys make?

All the more, another reason to appreciate the troops!


You PC pansies! Can't take a few challenging words from a cartoonist? Wimps!

the cartoon above may enrage you because it is true. Our government exploits its citizen with dirt pay while sending them to invade nations. That is wrong and we absurdly glorify this. I don't blame the soldiers, most join for education and money, not for patriotic reasons. I blame this gov. which is corrupt to the core.

Uhm.. The problem with Matt's statement "most join for education and money, not for patriotic reasons" is that a person would have to be a complete MORON not to know what the purpose of an army is...as is often stated: to kill people and break things. When people say "I joined the army, but I didn't think I'd be deployed", I have to stop from laughing in their face.