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you're better off sending your kids to DeVry

And they call this higher education.

At an anti-war "teach-in" this week, a Columbia University professor called for the defeat of American forces in Iraq and said he would like to see "a million Mogadishus" -- a reference to the Somali city where American soldiers were ambushed, with 18 killed, in 1993.

"The only true heroes are those who find ways that help defeat the U.S. military," Nicholas De Genova, assistant professor of anthropology at Columbia University told the audience at Low Library Wednesday night. "I personally would like to see a million Mogadishus."

Commentary later. I'm going to go bang my head against the wall a couple of times, first.


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May I recommend that you find this anthropology guy and bang his head against the wall a couple times? That'd be much more satisfying, I'm sure.


I can't wait for the Million Mogadishu March.

If he despises this country so much, I'm bewildered as to why he'd stay here, instead of teaching in, oh, say, Iraq or Afghanistan.

Oh yeah. But then he wouldn't have those freedoms that are afforded him here. Huh. Go figure. Talk smack about your country here, you get quoted and lauded. Talk smack in some of those other countries, and you're never heard from again.....

I have that clue-by-four around here somewhere....must find and use it....

I think I need to go fishing for a week or two. Much more news like this and I'll go crazy.

Google "nicholas de genova". Select the second item in the search list. This is his Columbia University faculty info page, and his university email address is listed, publically. Perhaps he'd welcome some articulate, respectful correspondence on just how lucky he is to live in a country that allows him to spew his vitriol about his country? He is, after all, an anthro prof, not a poli sci prof. He may not know how lucky he is.... ;-)

Sheesh. Does he also teach Dipshit Philosophies 101?

Clue-by-four?? Jen, that's the funniest thing I've heard in a long time. I've never heard that phrase before, but it just became my favorite. Clue-by-four... That's great.

Personally I'd like to try a little applied anthropolgy.

What I propose is that we introduce De Genova to the cosmology of the red-blooded American in its natural habitat as it relates to the introduction of an unpleasan stimulus, like say an arrogant cocksucking prick from the anthropology department, who is then worked over using some comparative methods, like a boot in the ass and a clue-bat upside the head.

Of course the key is to introduce the violence in a controled environment otherwise it would be applied anthopologist instead, and that gets kinda messy.

MB will be happy to join Tony in his little head-bashing exercise; it would be SOOOOOO satisfying!

Wow, that guy is way out of line. I mean, I'm not exactly fond of the events that led up to and the current results of this war, but I atleast want the US soldiers to win, win quick, and don't get injured or killed.
This guy is just sick.

Okay, after you do the Google search, go down to #4, the Columbia Underground Listing of Prof Ability and click on the "other reviews of this professor"

Here is an excerpt:
'I lost all respect for this man as an academic when he said this spring that Jews no longer have any claim to the heritage of the Holocaust because of Israeli policy towards Palestinians."

He's not just anti-American, he's anti-semitic, too.

I'm filing that dick under "S" . Such venom, for his own country. He must be sexually repressed.

Bill O'Reilly will surely sink his teeth into this dirt bag.

I think I'm going to write his boss(es) and ask if they think it would be appropriate if people would start wishing for a million Kent States to happen as well.

Sounds to me like he's channeling a certain no-talent cartoonist whose name rhymes with Ted Rall...

This "teaching" reminds me of the day I received a 20 minute lecture/tirade/beratement (in front of the entire class) from my English teacher for writing an essay on why I do not believe in mono-theism and for not capitalizing the word 'god.' I can still hear the shrill voice of Mrs. Edith Jones demanding an answer to the question she had just yelled in my face--How could I consider myself a "good Christian woman and fulfill the lord's plan to have children and teach them the word of the lord" if I spent my time thinking up these atrocities? I didn't know which part of her question to address first. It's been twelve years and I remember it like yesterday! This happened in public school, so I guess we're not safe in either public or private systems!

I cannot believe this gut is a teacher... telling his students and fellow faculty that he wishes American soldiers would die, like it was their decision to go and fight this war. I have so much respect for our servicemembers, they choose to do a job that pays shit and is extremly dangerous at times to ensure we can ALL enjoy freedom, even this ASSHOLE professor.

One of the great advantages of living in a free country is the freedom to say any bullshit you want, and not being prosecuted. This guy should try to exercise his freedom of speech in Iraq or North Korea. He would soon be beheaded.
Anyway, it seems many leftist intelectuals are on a suicide mission again, advocating an end to our civilisation, don't you think?

Please save us from the morons that supposedly "teach" our kids. I'd like my son (32 yr old Army Captain in Iraq) to get a chance to explain his stupidity to him (and using a clue-by-four - you gotta love that expression) is a perfect way to do it.

Unfortunately for some of the idiots out there my sons, and daughters have been raised to believe in the right to free speech, no matter how ignorant. They have also been raised with the sure knowledge that without their sacrifice and the sacrifice of everyone in the US MILITARY that professor would simply be kicked off the planet. (He should try those comments in Saddam's Iraq or any other Arab country and see how long he kept his job, or his life!!!) then again it might be enjoyable to watch that particular ass get tortured!

Let's see... since the kill loss ratio was about 18 Americans to over 1000 Somalis, that would mean a million Mogudishus would equal 18,000,000 Americans dead and over a 1,000,000,000 dead Muslims (Pretty much all of them).

I wonder if that's really what he wanted?

If I were a rich contributor to that university, I'd be putting away my checkbook because of that. Calling for the slaughter of our military men and women? You can't get any scummier.

Here's what's going on: Americans have generously supported higher education, believing it makes people better citizens and individuals, as well as improving their job opportunities. We have granted universities an excessive level of control over career opportunities via the worship of credentials, and people are now desparate to get and keep their kids in school regardless of cost and of the true value of what is being taught.. Large numbers of professors have abused our trust, and have taken the resources entrusted to them to pursue private agendas--agendas damaging not just to the U.S., but to any form of civilization.

The question is, what do we do about it>

Yeah I saw Black Hawk down. I guess we killed hundreds of them for the 18 of us they got. It wouldn't take a million Mogadishus for us to kill every soldier in the Middle East and still have an Army left.

That asswipe should be careful what he wishes for. Remember there are more Americans than Arabs. What do you think we've got at this point, 100:1 kill ratio?

Ohhh myy...

IF I had been in the class... you might be reading/hearing the new at ten... and seeing film at eleven... This man isn't fit to be a teacher... because he isn't a professor or real educator... he is breathing your air.. and you SHOULD be equally as angry ... I would demand the chancellor remove his tenure... and have him run out the University.. post large bill boards and remove my children from the school.. just for starters..

No.. I do not like war... been there and have done that... many times.. but I can tell you that all should support the troops.. He is lucky he lives here in the USA... or he would be (most likely) hanging upside down nailed to the wall or by his feet from the ceiling... with his tougne cut out as in many countries he is believing in... and/or talking about... I have seen this with my own eyes...

In God we Trust...
and Thank you for our freedom...
they have been paid for by many...

first let me preface that i am opposed to the war.
but i think i am more opposed to him.

what an asshole.

additionally, try contacting the president of columbia and voice your concerns:

Mail Addr: 202 LOW LIBRARY
mail code 4309
Phone: MS 4-9970
+1 212-854-9970
UNI: lcb50
EMail: bollinger@columbia.edu

Just as a side note about College. I got my further education via the good Ol' USMC. I was an aviation electrician. My primary school was 6 months, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day of electronics training. We started off with learning about the electron's positions in the covalent shells, and ended up in microchips. I got the equivalent of a 4 year degree in electronics in..umm.. 6 months.

I started college when I got out. I quit when I realized I could learn programming faster on my own. I have 2 years of college. There are 2 people who work for me now, one with a BS and one working on their masters in Computer Science. I make more than most directors at my workplace.

The thing that I must stress to my own child is that further education is what's important. I hope she joins the service like her daddy.

Of course, all I did was kill people on command and walk around like a zombie chanting Pro-Bush slogans. Wait....Clinton was the prez at that time... I'm confused.

All I can say is this guy is just plain silly. He is doing a lousy job to all people who try to show the good reasons against this war, And calling for the death of soldiers like they were chess-stones is not worth being mentiones in any serious discussion.

All I can say is that my granddads, my uncles, my father, my mother, my stepmother, my stepfather, my best friend, her husband, her dad, and my brother and I all served in the military so that jerks like that could spew their nonsense without "disappearing" or finding their families executed. I realize that someone like that will never appreciate the sacrifices made on his behalf.

I was seriously considering going on for a PhD, but I don't think I would be comfortable around the close-minded people who seem to dominate higher education.

Rest assured Jen (Zippy), higher education is not dominated by closed-minded people, so if it's a PhD you want, don't let this incident stop you. This guy is not indicative of any particular trend, and present no credible evidence of anything awry in higher ed. Good investigators know when they see bad data points. This guy canbe discarded.

It seems many commentators have an invalid complaint.Had the proffesor made his anti-American comments anywhere in the world he would be lauded and applauded.Not tortured as many say.

He seems to be voicing exactly what MOST of the world is saying - but you don't hear it on your CNN or Fox news because it isn't what you want to hear.
MN_hockey says "I cannot believe this gut is... telling his students and fellow faculty that he wishes American soldiers would die, like it was their decision to go and fight this war".
Well, I don't think he wished they would die, just that they would be defeated. The US started the war, unreasonably in most of the world's view, so it seems reasonable to hope they are defeated.
As for it being their decision -- they signed up for a job which entails shooting anyone your president decrees, so it seems to me they did take the decision.
And to the clown that reckons there are more Americans than Arabs... ah, now I see some of you are right; the American education system IS a disgrace.

In ref to john bart -
Our soldiers did not choose to start this or any other war. That decision is made far above their heads. And when you said that professor does not wish more soldiers would die....what do you think happened in Somalia? It was NOT the soldiers decision to start this war, but it is their responsibility to go and win it now that the decision has been made.

What the previous posters are saying is that if you were in Iraq and stated that the only true heros are those who find ways to defeat the Iraqi military....you would never be heard from again.
This guy should voluteer to be a human shield!

When I heard what this guy said, my blood pressure went up and I thought what nice lubricant he would have made for the tracks under my old M60A1 tank... but then my sweet old wife told me to calm down. I'll just put on my 82nd Abn tee-shirt and keep watching another war unfold on TV. Except this time it's not Korea, not VietNam, and there will be no substitute for victory. Professor De Genova doesn't realize, nor does Saddam, that we have a President who may not be the sharpest tack we ever had, but he's got more balls than a bowling alley.

This Nicholas de Genova is another example of an educated person who is a dumbass. I wish Columbia would grow some balls and fire this scumbag. What a biased piece of shit.

I want someone who REALLY knows to give us some background on Nicky De Genocidal. What makes this particular stinker tick? From what swampy crevice on the planet was this nasty exemplar of humanity burped forth to prey on an already beleaguered America and Americans? Why does he think the suppurations of his aberrant, hate-filled mind and twisted excuse for a soul are of real interest to anyone other than those poor fools in his thrall just trying to get a passing grade in his social-engineering pseudo-courses? I have a suspicion he's a closet masochist who just LOVES the abuse so he can feel justified in spewing even more of his hatefulness on an unappreciative world that just doesn't wuv 'n' unnerstan' wi'w him. Sure hope he doesn't have any pets or a wife or kids - whoa! What am I SAYING? That's the sort of thing NORMAL people do. No to worry! Laurie in Miami

you know what war is about.
these patriots of the REAL just think that it is a TV program, a channel they can swicth when they want. Iraquies dead corpses in the market are OK, maybe they raise the audience!! On the other hand american soldiers cannot die. uhhhhhh they are at war but they cannot die. Are they superheroes? or maybe gods?
When a nation declares war it has to understand that the bodies of its soldiers are sacrificed for the ultimate goal of "Victory".
We cannot hope any victory without this sacrifice. That's war. That is a "serious" war, not another naive american TV programs.
All american soldiers in Irak have to die. And they will. It is their fate, their profession, after all. Their power to kill is balanced with their immediate duty to die.
Poor americans who complaint. Don't you know your "freedom" rests on the burned flesh and bones of your soldiers.
Don't complaint so much. You do not really mean it. Just change the channel to see "Garfield" or maybe the "Oscars". Let american soldiers do their job in peace. Let them die in pain and horror while you seated at home in front of TV.
They are soldiers. They know how to die for you . They want to die for you. And you want them to die for you as well. Please do not complaint so much for America is just doing what its people enjoy more, to die.

De Genova....

You are a sorry excuse of a man....let alone "teacher".
May you please end up going away...far, far , far away from the U.S. which you hate so much (and reap such benefit from). Coward, inarticulate, unbalanced, illogical and sad you are.
You are an appalling zero.
Might I add...i am a committed anti-war voice.
You are a disgrace to the peace movement. Shame on you.

Unusual ideas can make enemies.