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yelling with my mouth shut

They wanted to shut down New York City today, but only 500 showed up. But they certainly were a lively bunch.

What in the world was going on here?

And what is that furry thing being pulled out of her ass?

An anti-war protester with her mouth taped sits in the middle of New York's Fifth Avenue blocking traffic Thursday, March 27, 2003. Anti-war groups blocked busy intersections Thursday and staged a 'die-in' to protest media and corporate 'profiteering from the war.' (AP Photo/Radcliffe Roye)


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And fuzzy wings too!

She looks much more miserable than the "let's roll" eaglet.

I wonder if the civil waited till now to start if we'd have protesters all over Europe, NY and SF doning fuzzy wings and bad makeup to keep blacks enslaved "for peace!" ?

Looks very painful.. Glad I'm not a war protestor.

I am not normally a violent person, but pictures like these make me think of violence. Godz, I hate suburban, spoiled, Starbucks-swilling fakes like this bitch.

There's something about a certain type of American that feels it must show the world that WE SUFFER TOO. Problem is, we DON'T suffer and when phonies like this child make these half-assed tortured faces for the one and only purpose of mugging for the media, it actually demeans the REAL suffering of REAL people in countries that are less safe and comfy than ours.

Sorry for all the all-caps shouting, but these people are really, really starting to try my patience.

Somehow a word got left out of my comment.
I tried to write "civil war"
I think the civil war is the perfect comeback for all those "it's not about liberation" arguments.
No one thinks Lincon went to war just to free the slaves, but that was such a great good that it is THE moral justification for the civil war.

Excuse me but liberating iraqis is THE moral justification for the war for Iraq. If you are against the war then you are for brutal oppression.

Things that spring to mind... Pathetic. Sad. Kinda' creepy. Rather funny actually.

And note the tears...can someone tell me, that giant white guinea pig - are they pulling it out of her ass or pushing it in? I'm of a mind that they must be pushing it up her ass because it's so damn clean looking, but then wouldn't you push it in head first?

I'm confused 'cause on the one hand I'd think the last place a guinea pig wants to go is up some skeletal bitch's ass - so backing in the back door makes sense. On the other hand putting the litte guy in nose first has inherent advantages, ass-o-dynamically that is, so nose first is the sure winner...

Where's Richard Gere when you need an expert answer?

As somebody who got stuck in this today, I was just hoping the police would reopen the street. I'm guessing a couple of cabs and the M5 bus would move these people pretty quick.

These are the reasons why I occasionally hate humanity.

Fucking spoiled brats. I'm starting to agree with those that would run them over.

I should stop reading now. I'm just getting madder and madder.

".. to protest media and corporate 'profiteering from the war"
Yet, if no one cared...no one would watch it. These people are fueling the exact things they are protesting. Fuckin dorks.

Sorry, I stand by my point. If they were going to have a "die in", they all really should have just done the deed. I mean, this is like fasting for peace, but still eating big macs. If you're gonna have a die in, off yourself, it makes a MUCH bigger statement!

she's doing a shit job of looking dead. her eyes are open.

Howsomever - I do think we should encourage the duct tape over the mouths of these critters.


Good idea. I'm all for that, but I'm not going to speculate on the furry gray...iguana, I guess.

I'm guessing those are supposed to be angels' wings. They look like they're on crooked.

Should have covered up her nose while they were at it. Would not loose any sleep over one less dumbass.

I'm sorry. I couldn't resist:


Thanks for the pic, Michele.

She looks like a junkie forced into doing anal porn to get her fix.

Not that I've seen that sort of thing.

I feel so sorry for you ppl who have experienced so little of life and don't realize how easy it is for our government to misuse our trust and our taxes for evil ends. I hope you finally wake up and see the global picture. I guess it doesn't matter how many our soldiers kill as long as we call them Saddamites; they are only Arabs after all. Trust me on this; all human life matters.

Thank you for that moment of condescension, Unnamed. Now fuck off.

And while you are at it, buy a vowel, or three.
"ppl" indeed! What's your hurry?

John, the "spotted vowel" is on the Endangered Species List.... ;)

I would have been there with a few more rolls of duct tape. ds had the right idea... Why stop with their mouth?

And if they're in the middle of the road, I wonder what an SUV would have done to them?

"My, the road is awfully noisy this morning, wouldn't you say?"

We can only hope this method of protesting catches on. I can hear the chants now:

"Wht d we wnt?"
"Wn d we wnt it?"

"BB kwwr! Mwdrr!"

Or this one:

"N bld fr ol! N bld fr ol!"

Sort of like the Tinman in The Wizard of Oz before they oiled his jaw.

Isn't this a still from the Alannis Morrisette "Where Are They Now?" rockumentary? Apparently she WAS a one-hit wonder after all!

I'd like to see all protesters put duct tape on their mouths. And leave it there.

As for the fuzzy stuff, I am utterly baffled. There does seem to be a guinea pig involved. But why?

Duct tape is a step in the right direction. The fewer vowels the protesters pronounce, the better! It's their way of showing solidarity with Iraqis who don't have vowel letters in their alphabet.

"Dwn wth Wstrn mprlsm! Stp prnncng vwls!"

Hopefully, the next big thing will be silent protests.

120 "shut down Cleveland" last night. Well, actually, they interfered with people going home from work at rush hour. Clearly, the point they were making was that they simply wanted to piss people off.

I think she's kind of cute....

When I first read about these idiots blocking traffic, my first reaction was to think of my old 1970 Ford LTD. It had a 329 4-barrel, a true gas guzzler, about 12 to 15 mpg. Seated 6 very comfortably.

When you stomped on the gas, there would be a fraction of a second of silence. Then, the 4-barrel carburetor kicked in, the engine bellowing a primal roar as you were pressed back into the seat. That beautiful sound let everyone know that this behemoth of a car was screaming down the road, with stopping impossible.

Picture the Illinois Nazis in the Blues Brothers movie, only with AntiBush protestors instead of Nazis. Picture all of that gas-guzzling big-iron horsepower bearing down on the scattering nitwits.

Some people picture sitting on a beach as their happy place. Now you know mine.

ducktape my mouth shut right now

ducktape my mouth shut right now

It is funny how easy it is for us to make judgements. I shot this picture not because she seem to be taking anything up the ass..actually she was arrested that day for her beleifs. Forty years ago Martin Luther King was doing the same thing..I can just imagine all the racist comments that could have been posted then if emails existed..Ninety years go it was Marcus Garvey who chose to lead the marches and everyone thought he was too ugly..too monkey looking to lead a people. Since his demise both Malcolm X and Martin Luther read his works and letters and followed his footsteps so that I could enjoy a tier better than slavery because this is still not freedom.
This woman..as hypocritical as this pic might seem...helped to say something that I have not read yet on this chatter box...we can judge if the war is worth it or not but we should not judge this young woman ..we shoulod not judge whether she has suffered enough to warrant her a place on the street. What we should judge is if we are doing all We can to make our voices heard.

Radcllife Roye