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speaken du deutsch?

I do not translate well into German.

But hey, I am a Foundress.

Net diaries, which concern themselves with the Iraq war, encounter
large interest. Among the largest "be Blogs COMMAND post office" "ranks". The
Netzeitung spoke with the initiatorin.

Sense and purpose of "COMMAND post office" are it to collect as much as
possible messages to the Iraq war at a place in the Web are called it in
"mission the statement" of the Weblogs. At present approximately 20
persons from all world work free of charge for the project.

Foundress Michele Catalano, law employee from the US Federal State New
York, spoke with the Netzeitung about truth and untruth in Weblogs and the
speed of the InterNet, which traditional media can hardly still follow.

Netzeitung: : Mrs. Catalano, why have you "COMMAND post office" based?

Michele Catalano : When the war broke last week off, I began to set
every ten minutes of updates on-line to my private side, while I looked at
several TV channels at the same time.

I noticed then that many Blogger did. I wrote then a comment that
nevertheless perhaps we should open a community Web log, in order to
unite all the Postings. Later my Web log friend Alan, it wrote me ten minutes
such a server would put on.

Netzeitung: : How successfully is "COMMAND post office" up to now?

Catalano: On the first day we had already 7000 hits. In the meantime we
are daily with 100.000 visitors. The numbers continue to rise.

Netzeitung: : Which advantages have Weblogs of their opinion to
opposite traditional intelligence services?

Catalano: There are no editorial restrictions, that is probably the
most important. Weblogs are also faster updated than the new services - if
CNN the newest from the Iraq finally on its side places, had we the same
history frequently 20 minutes before or still in former times. On COMMAND post
office we have at least 20 people from the whole world, those at each
time a Myriade of sources to sight and then News post.

Netzeitung: : Do you think that Weblogs can be truthful in the case of
the Iraq war as some professional message offer? Are they it?

Catalano: Definitely. We do not hold back anything. Weblogs do not have
to arouse the impression, them are independent. Although COMMAND post
office deviates from because it is a strict News collection. (we have however
also a comment side.) Weblogs altogether offer a more honest, rauere aspect
on current events.

Netzeitung: : The US television was criticized to censor information
about the war. Do the citizens use now the Weblogs, in order to get a better

Catalano: At least partly. They go generally more into the InterNet. If
you want to really see the pictures, the CNN or other Mainstream media
censored [ Catalano means in this case photographs dead and caught US soldiers, note D talks ], goes it simply on the homepage von Al Dschasira. Afterwards they come into the Weblogs, in order to catch up the most diverse opinions over it - and in this case also whole rage.

Netzeitung: : Which motivation do you and your fellow combatants have
to lead the recruiting log?

Catalano: We live in a time, in which the people want their message
fast. They do not want to wait no more. Particularly with this war, which
will transfer into real time in the television. Most do not have cable
television in the office, for it however InterNet. And if the Mainstream Newssites
is slow then and still the servers under the load of millions accesses
break down, a recruiting log brings such as COMMANDS the message to post
office faster.

Netzeitung: : Who are your authors?

Catalano: We can cover all time belts with our authors. The Web log
runs 24 hours with messages, which do not only come from the USA, but also from countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Kuwait and
Israel. We have professors, lawyers, housewives, teachers and student thereby, even arms specialist. We are not the media, we are the people.

Ben swan placed the questions


It's too bad that German can no longer be used to be intimidating. War talk always used to sound more menacing when it was done with a German accent.
Now it's, "Vee haff vays of makink you chocolate."

Michele, that's exactly what you sound like after a few Tequila shots!!

Sehr gut fraulein Catalano

Himmel veldt!


when we're bored at work, we run our website, a lot of which is english written by native german speakers, through an english-to-german translator, then we run the translation back through german-to-english. hilarity ensues.

i particularly love the german phrases involving the internet, such as "klicken sie hier bitte". perhaps the best is when the server admonishes the user "it is not wise to use double-click in internet!" when it should say "please click only once to avoid page errors" or something.

Grat article! The interviewers seemed to be friendly to you, even in the undertone. Funny they didn't ask you for your opinion about the war.

"Wir sind nicht die Medien, wir sind das Volk." Ausgezeichtnet.!

I visit a UK site, lots of America-haters not just Brits.

I've been telling them for a few days that they're not listening to the "American Street." And they should be, because they're in for a big surprise. And I've been telling the froggies it's their news which isn't showing the truth.

Keep up the outstanding work.