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mad props: the phrase that pays

Keith says I owe him mad props and he's right.

In response to my challenge yesterday to make a playlist of happy songs, Keith wins hands down.

I will forward this list to the BBC so they can be sure to keep everyone shiny and happy and pretending that there isn't a war waging. Ostriches rule!

(Digging out my Saturday Morning Cartoon covers CD)

“Keep Fishin’” - Weezer
“Up All Night” - Unwritten Law
“Acquiesce” - Oasis
“A Praise Chorus” - Jimmy Eat World
“In This Diary” - The Ataris
“As Good As It Gets” - Grand Theft Audio
“Party Hard” - Andrew W.K.
“We’re Going to Be Friends” - White Stripes
“Girlfriend” - Matthew Sweet
“The Globe” - Big Audio Dynamite

And, in case you want to toss a few out of that list, here’s a couple of alternates:

“First Date” - Blink 182
“Short Skirt/Long Jacket” - Cake
“Fire Woman” - The Cult
“I Love You Period” - Dan Baird (admittedly more of a Southern rock song...)
“Hits From the Bong” - Cypress Hill (because pot is one HELL of a mood elevator)
“Love Rollercoaster” - the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ cover
“Walk This Way” - either Aerosmith or the version with Run-D.M.C.
“FNT” - Semisonic
“Go Speed Racer Go” - Sponge’s cover
“Panama” - Van Halen (admittedly, also not so much an alternative song...)


Sheesh...yet more proof that I am old and out of touch with the younger set. I know only three of those songs.

My suggestion: "The Candy Man" as rendered by Sammy Davis, Jr.

Mentioning that Saturday Morning covers CD, I'd have to include Mathew Sweet's cover of "Scooby Doo, Where are You?"

Fer goodness sake, what about the Beautiful and Lyrical Space Ghost and Brak cds?

"I'm drivin' down highway 40 in my big old pickup truck!"

Doudble kudos for including Sweet's "Girlfriend," but minus one kudo for not including Steely Dan's "Josie."

I was attempting to limit myself to a single radio format -- Alternative -- in an effort to show you really can program an Alternative station with happy music, especially since many of the songs that have been removed are songs played on Alternative or Rock stations (e.g.: Transplants' "Diamonds & Guns," which the BBC removed from its playlist a few days ago).

A little unfair...

The BBC have some pretty good blanket coverage of the war on TV. They're probably worried about making people crazed and paranoid at the wheel of a vehicle.

It'd freak me out if I had constant war updates on the car radio over the course of a road trip. Mind you, I'm armed with a quart of tequila, some powerful hallucinogenics and a DVD copy of 'Dr Strangelove' right now, so I'm prepared for the apocalypse.

Prepare the Doomsday Device...