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Actually, two Public Service Announcements for the price of one:

1. If upon standing up after going to the bathroom you hear a clunking sound, it is wise to not flush the toilet bowl.

2. If you keep your cell phone in your back pocket, it is certain that at some point, it will fall into the toilet bowl.

They don't give you illustrations for that on ready.gov.


First week of January I did the same thing- back pocket, cell phone, toilet at a little Toronto night-spot called "Insomnia". Unfortuantely, the phone didn't pull through and had to be replaced, My girlfriend Robin did the same thing at a house party last semester. I'm glad to know we weren't the only ones who were so absent-minded. (But we were drunk, what's YOUR excuse? ;-)

Mike's lost 2 pagers that way....and he doesn't even drink.

Um, personally, I'd just flush and say I lost it. Or retrieve it and trade with somebody.

Brings all new meaning to "another stinkin' phone call"...

Somebody had to say it, this way it's not my turn again for a while.

It's the call to the plumber, and the mess that will cause that's so embarassing. Draino will not dissolve a cell phone, you know.

Reminds me that I spend half an hour retrieving a plastic toothpaste cap from my bathroom sink drain with a coat hanger.

Speaking of dropping your cellphone in the toilet, this is from a Reuters article from a couple of weeks ago:

"Three Kenyans died trying to retrieve a mobile phone that slipped down an open-pit latrine...

The first to try -- a 30-year-old radio technician -- failed to resurface after disappearing down a ladder into the latrine...

His friend went after him but slipped and fell...

The third casualty, trying to rescue the others, was hauled out of the pit by neighbors after he inhaled the fumes and lost consciousness. The man was rushed to hospital but died on the way...

...police prevented a fourth man from climbing into the latrine and the search for the phone was eventually abandoned. "

I've done that with the straps on my overalls, but never with electronics.


Just Say No to poop phones.

I lost two pagers that way, too. And a cell phone into a large (4000 gal) cold-water reef tank at work. It took 45 minutes to get it away from a sunflower starfish, who did a great job distracting me while I was latched onto by another starfish (30 more minutes, in 45-degree water). On the bright side, I got to hear the cries of small children who could see a disembodied arm being "eaten" by the sea creatures and the comments of a fellow keeper telling the kids what happens to children who tap on the glass and generally misbehave at the zoo!

Can you hear me now?


I usually just lose pens that way. ick!

I once had a phone fall off my hip-clip and into a urinal.

I think that may even be worse, because there you are, peeing. On your phone.

And you can't exactly STOP peeing, so you try to redirect the stream to avoid direct contact and minimize splashage. Only that never goes according to plan. Oy.

I had a girlfriend who had her glasses in a front shirt pocket, and when she bent over to flush the toilet, they fell in and down the pipes they went. It was just before I met her so I never got to see what she looked like with glasses on.

Well that'd be a big oops! The only thing I can remember droppin in the toilet is a tampon (a clean one) had to send a friend to get another one out of my desk.

And AimeeC... that's hilarious!

i think the worst thing i ever dropped in a toiled was my own ass. i came home from a night of heavy drinking one night during grad school and plopped myself right down on the throne-- without realizing that the seat was up. it wasn't pretty.