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ted rall is number 2!!*

Thanks to NC for pointing me towards The 50 Most Loathesome New Yorkers.

He doesn't quite make it to number one, but I think number two is quite an honor anyhow.

Congratulations, Ted Rall! You must be so proud, finishing ahead of Michael Moore like that.

Next year, I will start a campaign to get you to number one Ted. You deserve it.

Too bad there's no stipend or some kind of monetary award that goes with this. If so, we could have had the New York Press send it to Danny.

*Yes, that was intended as grade-school bathroom humor.


Whew! Glad my name's not there! ;)

It's a cute list, and seeing Rall near the top is satisfying. But one must snicker when MattTaibbi accuses anyone of political shrillness, viciousness and paranoia. The only difference is, they're more successful than he, and he knows it.

Where the Hell is the anti-christ Hillary on that list?

"Yes, that was intended as grade-school bathroom humor." ... Now THAT'S funny.

Ashley, because she's NOT a New Yorker.

You're absolutely right. Sorry to degrade New Yorkers like that.