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more moore

Jim has all the Michael Moore news that's fit to print. He skewers him so well.

I will do my part to contribute to Michael Moore madness with this link, an interview with The Awful One after the Oscars. Watch if you must, but wear your Idiocy Shield.

link via Chris Pirillo, who has finally agreed to send me his wife in exchange for some Pokemon games

Did I say I was going on a full hiatus? No, I didn't. So stop looking at me like that.


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Indeed, there is more (Moore?) you can do!

Grassroots blogger counter-holiday:
Buy a Gun for (to spite) Michael Moore Day, April 15

Pass it along to your favorite blogs and email friends. Definitely want/need Photoshop posters in the vein of Meryl Yourish's "Eat an animal for PETA day."

Just think that there may be thousands more guns in the hands of responsible Second Amendment-loving citizens BECAUSE of Michael Moore!!!!

Just imagine his nightmares that thousands more guns are purchased in reaction to him. My guess is that his actions may cause more guns to get into in the hands of more Americans than he intended his movie to take away!

Let me know if you add a link or an article.

Somebody asked me this morning for something on Mrorron, and the first thing that came to mind was an Animal House quote, "Fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

Wait a minute -- he's sending you his WIFE?


Pics, please, Michele...