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look ma, I'm not famous!


Leave it to the New York Times.

They talk to me for half an hour, I give the woman some great observations on the media, the war and weblogs and when the story gets to print I come off like a bored housewife.

She didn't even put the URL to Command Post in.

My fifteen minutes of fame is more like ten seconds of bemusement.


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And you've told the entire readership of the New York Times to ignore me! Oh great...

Wow. Now that is some fine reporting.

Hey, I just read that article and that's why I'm here. I know nothing of weblogs. I did notice the lack of URL, so I entered "Command Post" and "Warblog Collective" into google and here I am.

Pretty cool.

I don't know it sounded fairly complementary to me, I mean rather then sit around eating bon-bons and watching Oprha your did something.

Your spinning your own story [grin]. Anyway congratulations.

As if you only started Command Post because you were home with DJ. Oh well... All the people who actually read CP can't be wrong.

On the same day you created Command Post, did you bake an apple pie, polish the silver, and create a garden mosaic from broken pottery shards? Martha Steward beware.

It has to be true. You don't just sit in an interview giving all kinds of details just to have the report TOTALLY IGNORE YOU... (sorry... flashbacks...) I mean, distort your statement.

But, damn, you can whip up something like the Command Post (without any help from anybody) while you're sitting at the doctor's office all day?? You're good, baybee. ;p

Perhaps you need to prominently add your name to this site for Google searches to find you, now that you've been outted by these NYTwits?

NYTwit. I've coined a term!

.. and you spoke to Pravda-On-The-Hudson, WHY, precisely?

They are The Enemy.

I regret the NYT mishap. But, you see, you may not said: I worship NYT and the Democratic Party. Without this assertion, it is quite possible they give you short rift.


Praise to the Gods that you gave birth or we hapless bloggers would still be wandering in the wilderness.


Apparently, this is just the way the New York Times operates: I give her about 800 words on the topic, and I get "editor of a Web log called PhotoDude"?

if i may say so, that is one of the most poorly written news articles i've ever read. and i only read 3 paragraphs.

don't worry about the missing URL to command post. most people that would be interested in that sort of thing know how to use google :)

The newspaper of record.

They all operate that way. My fiance had a two hour interview withTime Asia in which he extolled the virtues of robotics for kids and how many women were involved in various aspects of robotics more so than in other areas of technology and how fun and great it was to see such things blossoming in America while they had been popular overseas for a long time, and what ended up in the article was "Americans are afraid of technology" The hell?

I think it is a testament to your talent, dedication, and forthrightness that you were in the article. They had no choice; you overwhelm them. It's just passive-aggressiveness on their part that they left off the URL.

People might have to do a little googling to get here, but the payoff is sweet.

"All the news that fits our views."

Michele ...
... ditto what PhotoDude said. He and I were both interviewed by the NYT (I believe even for the same article. Yes, Reid?) Anyhow, the reporterette spent over 90 minutes talking with me telephonically expressing intent interest in copyright, the DMCA, artists' rights, etc. ... and she later published the article with a one line quote from me (sans link to R.I.G.H.T.S.) that truly had NOTHING to do with our conversation. Girl, it is the NYT's MO!

i'm mad as ten thousand mutha fuckers
Not only didn't they leave out your URL
I see no mention of TroopTrax or A small

Then i'll be a summabich if they didn't
try to paint a bulls eye on Salam's

Shit damn now I need three fingers of
Wild Turkey just to see straight
Shit damn !!!

see how mad i am i did a double

You know Wild Turkey is owned by the French, yes?

Anyways, from my own limited journalism experience, the reporters don't go looking for a story. Not in the 'something actually happened' sense. Reporters look for an 'angle' and then grab quotes to support it. Occasionally, someone who is interviewed will prompt a better angle, but for the most part, whatever is given is used selectively.

Nature of the beast. Its the main reason I don't read the paper as much as I used to. Except for the food section, of course.

Thanks 4 the heads up ralphie
from now on it's strictly J D

Dayum frogs i hate em more 'n ever
I really liked Turkey

yes turkey is stupend

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