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commercial break

I'll be taking a sort-of hiatus for the rest of the week or so, maybe longer. Not a full-on hiatus, just a maybe-post-once-a-day-instead-of-48-times-a-day hiatus. I mean, someone has to bitchslap Ted Rall and I refuse to give that job up.

Or maybe I'll just write how nice it is to be back in Little League season, with Saturdays spent at the field , or how the days are getting longer and warmer and my lungs ache for some of that fresh air.

You can still find me at Command Post (which is eating up most of my alloted online time) and Raising Hell.

See ya when I ping ya.

P.S. Hug the fuck out of 'em Phillipe!

P.P.S YAY ASPARAGIRL!! You go, girl!


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Well, if it's burnout, then enjoy your free time because you've surely earned it. Don't stay away too long.

But if it's the insane death comments you said you've been getting, you could always just turn your comments off.

What happened?

Combination, probably.

Take care of yourself and your family.You rule woman.

have lots of fun in the sunshine!


Hug them! They'll hate it! :)

I'll be looking forward to the little league stories. You are one of my every day reads. Take care.

My muse has checked out; I am adrift in a sea of ennui and George W. Bush sound bites. Auuggghhh!!

Thanks, Michele! :-)

I hope the reasons aren't anything too bad. I'm going to have to start hanging out at the Command Post to get my daily quota of Michele snarkiness!

What does the New York Times have to do with anything?

Be sure to get your sugar balls on while you're at the Command Post. And don't forget the Ketel One!

I had a hiatus once but the surgery fixed it.

All the links to the LA Times require reg. I hate that! I SOOOOOO hate that. Free press my ass.

Dude: id: laexaminer. password: laexaminer.

Not quite the La-de-da Times but Brent got a funny mention in the Star Trib.

Ping soon.

...thanks for that Andrea....