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this just in...

People suck.

Please ignore Dave (see below), I don't know who let him out of his cage today, but it wasn't me. I think he ties with Laurence for "Most Likely to Leave a Weird Post in Your Blog" award.

I'm really not happy being without a tv or radio today.

I'm really not happy that for some reason two posts I previously made not only did not show up on the site, but completely disappeared from the edit screen.

I'm really not happy about the email I received from some loony leftist who promised me that there would be a terrorist attack in the NY/Long Island area before Thursday, perpetuated by our own government so they can impose martial law to stop the protesters from shutting down the city on Thursday. I wrote back one sentence: Don't flatter yourself.

I'm not happy for a lot of reasons, the least of which being I haven't had a good night's sleep in ages and part of it being that people are generally being great big assclowns in my comments and part of it because Chris turned down my offer of all my old Gameboy cartridges in exchange for his wife, Gretchen.

I want my Fox TV. Hell, I would even take Al Jazeera at this point.

Anyone know how to get past a media firewall?


Who's Lawrence?

What are you talking about? That says Laurence, not Lawrence.

Get glasses.

You know..Chris is sooo greedy. I think that was a fair trade. Perhaps you should up the stakes. Got an Atari?

Got a phone line and a modem? Dial- up!

Like slow torture, sure, but better than nothing.

Even Michelle can't mis-spell "D"

i'm not happy because you're not happy. how about a big kiss? smooooooooooch

Careful. I could tell you a number of ways of bypassing your company's firewall (although I'm no expert), but I don't know any way of around being fired because you bypassed your company's firewall.

The safest thing (for not getting fired) would be to get a pocket computer with a wireless connection. It's small enough that it won't be noticed and doesn't use the company's network at all. Of course that would cost real money.


The greater the truth you write, the more assclowns you will have in your comments. (I'm not counting myself, mind you). :-)

You were serious!? Okay, take her.

WHOA! The bidding just started... I'll give you the Diablo II Battle Chest, Sim City 3000, and my old P3 500 computer for her... :)

Excuuuuuuuuse me! Some old Gameboy cartridges, eh?

sniff Trevalyan is making a MUCH more compelling argument than you, my dear Michele...