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well this isn't going to help

According to Indymedia (where I found this image) America has declared war on Kevin Parrot!

What should we do??


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Dammit, if only he would have agreed to international inspections of his blog, this wouldn't be necessary.

BTW, mass protests planned in San Francisco and New York. "No blood for blogs" signs spotted.

That's it. I'm staging a Vomit-In.

WTF is that supposed to mean?

Holy Hell!!
Not Kevin Parrot!
Hmmm...nevermind. If the president says so, then I agree. I mean, the media wouldn't lie now, would it? Now all I need is a catchy slogan. Something better than the super cool "Whaq Iraq".
Any ideas?

Destroy the Parrot! The Parrot must die!

Die, Parrot, Die!