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exploit your children well

At yesterday's NYC protest:

Jonathan Charles, 8, a third-grader at PS 132 in Springfield Gardens, carried a red felt sign that said simply "Pray" and marched alongside classmates and their parents.

"It's not good to -- what's that big word? -- assassinate someone," Jonathan said. "It's not good to make other people cry."

Obviously, the kid had been coached.

Way to brainwash your children. Great job on that.

I wonder if, when the parents told him about making kid cry, they told little Jonathan about all the little children that Saddam made cry.

Probably not.


that kid lives around the corner from me. and if you ask my nine year-old son what he knows about saddam, he would say that he knows saddam had his daughters kill their own husbands, and then killed the women himself. he would tell you about the massacre of the kurds. and he would tell you about the political opponents who were dragged out of a meeting to be shot one by one for having an alternate opinion.

the kid is right, it's not good to make other people cry. and saddam's done too much of that, hey?

War makes baby Jesus cry!

You may also want to read "FLOWER POWER - A FAIRY TALE FOR PEACE" (please scroll down to Sunday, February 16, 2003).

There is a girl who lives down the street from my parents who has sat outside all day, everyday of spring break with a sign that says "honk for peace". She's about 8, and her parents had not coached her at all. They came home from work one day and there she was with her sign. Her older brother helped her make the sign, but she decided on her own to do this. Kids arent stupid. They may not understand the bigger details, but they know how they feel about killing.

And we need to make sure that those in our care and protection know the difference between right and wrong, murder and justice.