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i think drudge has lost it

Drudge has this huge headline on his site right now:


It's in giant size bold font.

My response to this is: So what?

While I may get pissed at stars who use their screen time to spout rhetoric, I have no problem with them partying. Are we all supposed to stop in tracks, hold our breath and wait for the war to end?

I went to McDonald's yesterday. I took my son to Little League practice. I watched a really stupid movie, I drank some tequila and I laughed it up in a chat room with others from Command Post.

Today I might even go wash my car and - gasp! - go out to eat and watch some basketball!

Yes, there is a war waging. I should know, I spend a good portion of my day covering it. But I have a free life to live, which I am very grateful for. I just don't think the fact that celebrities are eating and drinking and receiving awards - shallow as they may have behaved at the podium - warrants a super-sized Headline of Awe.


My husband and I discussed that very thought yesterday.....about having fun and enjoying life in these times. I feel it would be a slap in the face to those putting their lives on the line for our ability to do just that. They are not fighting for us all to be miserable.

I think part of the point is that the "party" is little more than an antiwar back-patting convention.

That's just Drudge. You can depend on him to offer free color commentary any Sunday evening that coincides with a Hollywood awards party. And if that isn't going on, you can expect him to mention Wes Moonves (at CBS) or Jennifer Anniston, without any real provocation.


Just spent nine days partying like a fucking rock star, sometimes with rock stars. Paid very little attention to any news, other than scanning cnn.com. Been planning this vacation for months, and the war is no reason to cancel my plans.

Drudge is just picking on his favorite whipping boys and girls.