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what really happened

What you saw on tv:

Director Michael Moore is seen wearing an anti-Iraqi war pin at the 2003 IFP Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, California, March 22, 2003. Moore accepted the award for Best Documentary for the film 'Bowling for Columbine.' REUTERS/Molly Riley

What really happened:


Krispy Kreme spokesman Michael Moore is seen wearing a pro-donut pin at the 2003 ISP Independent Snack Awards in Santa Monica, California, March 22, 2003. Moore accepted the award for Best Documentary for the film 'I am a Big Fat Unwashed Hair Man Who Passes Lies Off as Facts and Eats Too Many Donuts.' REUTERS/Molly Riley/NC


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M^2, do you suppose you could restrict your public appearances to nighttime? Man, I mean you could scare little children, curdle milk, and cause chickens to stop laying just by showing your butt-ugly mug.

He's right about the donuts, though. Mmmmm. Donuts...

"Shoot movies, not Iraqis?"

Moore has never shown talent at shooting either one. But his Krispy Kreme advocacy is something I can get behind. Speaking of behind, it looks like Moore's is storing up donuts for a long, cold winter.

It looks like he's doing a screen test to reprise Billy Bob Thornton''s character in "Sling Blade II-The Size 58" Waist Years"

Michael Moore reminds me of the Comic Book Guy.

"Worst war EVER!"

How about we shoout Michael Moore and steal his donuts? Mmm... Krispy Kreme....

I thought 'Bowling For Columbine' was an attempt to identify the reasons behind the high number of gun-related killings in America. The way he chose not to blame the availability of guns alone but also the media for its constant portrayal of fear inducing images was quite interesting

No, Pawan, Bowling for Columbine was Moore-ish propaganda intended to make Michael some bucks. It has been debunked as an actual documentary.

The way that he exploited the ignorant to get money was donuts was interesting, in the abstract sense that Goebbel's and Molotov's propaganda techniques were interesting.

I respect his work, but damn, that's funny.

Ha Ha - DONUTS!!!

I better not become a semi-well-known "liberal" activist for fear that people will poke fun at my jelly-belly.

Debunked by who John "Akatsukami" Bauer ? Moore presents some facts..and those facts speak for themselves..
Also, I see a lot of the fear of blacks that is ingrained in the minds of a lot of white Americans, that Moore talks about. An emotion that is not shared as much by people not bombarded by american media.

You mock true genius because you feel intimidated.

Chip, I laugh at you.

I laugh.

Bowling For Columbine just won an oscar..I'm sure Charlton Heston was not on a voting member..man ....some speech

Pawan: Hello, did you not hear about the remarks MM made in England...you know, stereotyping blacks as tough thugs who would've taken down the Sept. 11 hijackers had they been on the plane?
This man is a crapweasel in every sense of the (rather recent) word.
Michele, keep on doing that voodoo that you do so well and keep laughing at Chip.