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wait, i get it! i get it!

photo from indymedia.org

Democracy = Death!!

Silly me. Here I was thinking that Saddam Hussein's regime was the one that brought death when all along it was good, old-fashioned democracy that's been killing people all these years.

The things you can learn from peacenicks.


Crap! I better get to Iraq ASAP so I can experience the sweet joy that is Saddam's regime while it's still intact. rolls eyes

I'd kill for her tummy though.

I just heard on Batchelor and Alexander: the entire regime was decapitated. Saddam, his sons, Aziz, everybody.

Special Ops videotaped the leadership going in, targeted the site, taped the explosions, lasered the impact hole, taped the subsequent hits, taped the bodies being brought out. No survivors.

Note the studded Emo belt on this steely-eyed non-conformist. What lamers.

Apparently democracy is a touch anorexic!

Since I don't agree with the protestors, I just ignore em.
Won't even bother blogging about them.

Hey! Demoracy is hot! I gotta get me some of that!

Suggested reading: Lunch with the Chairman by Seymour M. Hersch in 3/17/03 issue of The New Yorker

typical un-informed libral piece of crap. Havening never expirenced repression...to sad democracy equals death. perhaos they should try living in country like iraq before making such utterly stupid comments!

Perhaps she means that democracy looks like a bunch of giant two-year-olds having a mass tantrum.

im gunna start to like democracy now.ha false advertiseing

can i just ask it looks like your a punk cause i really like the belt cause its just like mine.