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this is not the dixie chicks

photo from indymedia.org

Ok. Their bellies say "this is what democracy looks like."

Right. In a democracy girls can wear belly shirts and hip huggers and something across your chest to make your boobs look like balloons.

And after we get through with Iraq, the women there will be able to do the same, although I bet they will have better taste and more decorum than to walk around looking like these three little piggies.

Anyhow, I guess I just don't get their point.


They're clearly pro-liberation demonstrators that infiltrated the protests. If they were really anti-war, they'd be naked.

Somehow, I get the impression that they get their point either. Maybe it's "look at me, I'm an easy lay...if you wear enuf patchouli oil..."

Don't. Wear. Half. Shirts. If. Your. Belly. Looks. Like. This.

Is it just me or does the one in the middle look like Velma sans sweater? I'm just wondering...

More like Velma sans toothpaste. Dig those crazy jacked-up teeth.

Bill, could we please leave Velma out of the conversation, as she has done absolutely nothing to rate being dragged into the middle of all this?

I only raise the matter because people have been slagging Velma for too long, She doesn't deserve catty comments like this. So she has a different body type, she isn't fat. So she doesn't have a spectacular wardrobe. It means she has other priorities.

I can tell you the intellectual, powerfully built type of chick is a demanding lover. Sure, you might have to insincerely go along with political views you disagree with, but the game is worth the candle.

This has nothing to do with Velma's sexuality, either. Straight or gay, you will get some surprises, raise your aerobic heart rate, and run the risk of ligament injury. That type always makes you begin to doubt your staying power, and fear that she will wear you out.

Not like the Daphne's of this world, with their making you jump through hoops for what is almost always an experience which fails to be worth the time, treasure, and effort.

Fashion Rule #7:
Just because you can squeeze into hip hugger jeans does not mean you should wear them.

Velma would never dress that tastelessly. Give up her sexy schoolgirl/librarian look for sweaty, ill-fitting hiphuggers and rolled up nasty t-shirts? Never.

But that skank Daphne went and shaved her head and joined a vegan commune. Word.

Disraeli said "The best arguement against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter"

An eternal truth.

I actually liked the images. I wish I had these three as friends. I would like to spend some time with them. Can you fix me up?



ill give the two girls at the end the gratatude of being fit........support the disstillers and anti-flag!""""!